How to maintain a motor bike

The maintenance of a bicycle with a motor does not differ greatly from that required by a traditional bicycle, although obviously the electrical parts will need special attention so that they can function properly and we can extend their useful life.

As with automobiles, the manufacturers of motorized bicycles give a series of recommendations about the revisions that the vehicle should follow, but so that you can go further, here we explain in detail how to maintain a bicycle with motor.

Steps to follow:

1. As we have already mentioned, the manufacturing companies indicate when the motor bicycle must be inspected and issue a series of recommendations on its use. We must take them into account and meet the deadlines, since otherwise, in the event of a problem, we may lose the rights of the guarantee.

2. The battery is a key element in the maintenance of a motor bike. To prolong its useful life, we must never let it discharge completely and, if we are not going to use the bicycle for a long time, we must be careful so that the battery never becomes flat.

3. As in a normal bicycle, we must take care that the chain is well lubricated so that it can function properly.

4. We also have to take care of the tire pressure. In addition, we must ensure that they do not rub against the frame since that would lead to greater wear on the wheel and, also, we would be forcing the bicycle”s engine to make a greater effort.

5. We have to reinforce the adjustments of those elements of the bicycle that vibrate due to the force of the engine and that could become detached. To do this, we will need a screwdriver and an Allen key.

Basically, the elements that we must reinforce are the bolts that fix the bicycle engine, the exhaust, the air intake pipe, the wheel axles and the brakes.

6. We can verify that the electrical system works correctly with the spark generated by the spark plug, although this operation is more appropriate if we leave it to a trusted mechanic.

7. The clutch system has to be greased. To do this part of the maintenance of the motor bicycle, we remove the plate that fixes the clutch system, for which we will use a screwdriver. Once we have access, we clean the grease with a blotting paper and put the new one.

8. To clean the bicycle, we will use a damp cloth, being careful not to pass it over the electrical parts.

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