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Many people seek to improve their weight for health and others, in addition, try to lose weight to show off a better figure. Getting a better physical shape and silhouette is not an impossible mission, even if it goes against the clock for a short period of time. Basic eating and exercise guidelines make up the magic formula to achieve it. On this occasion, we will focus on physical activity. Here, we explain how to lose weight fast with exercises at home so you can start to achieve your goal.

Lose weight fast with aerobics at home

Doing aerobics at home does not have to be complicated. It is also not necessary to have an exercise bike or any other device. It is much easier than all this. Of course, normally, you will need at least 15 minutes of aerobic exercise. If you have a better physical form and usually exercise, you can increase the time.

Jump to lose weight

It is one of the best exercises to burn calories and fat. To practice it you have several options:

  • Jump on the same site:with this exercise, you should take small high jumps on the ground you are in and repeatedly. In addition, you can vary the flexion of the knees to hinder jumps and burn more calories.
  • Jump rope: youjust need to take a rope and start jumping. To make the exercise less monotonous, try jumping with the direction of the rope forward and then backward. You will discover that there are many benefits of jumping rope and not just the fact that it helps you lose weight.
  • Jump to the rubber:sure that in childhood you played with elastic rubber in the schoolyard or in the park. It is time to recover those games and make them continuously. It is a way to burn calories and have fun at the same time. If you have no one to practice this exercise, tie the ends of the rubber to furniture that is difficult to move for resistance.

Up and down stairs

There are several machines in the gyms that simulate the movement of going up and down stairs, for example the elliptical. If you have an elliptical at home, as many people have them like exercise bikes, we recommend that you follow the elliptical machine workout that you can find in this other article.

If you do not have a machine, you can go up and down stairs, for example, if you live in a building one of the best options is to go up and down the stairs running several times, if you cannot take advantage of those in a park you have near home or others that You will find on the street.

Dance to lose weight

It is another excellent option to practice in the living room. Play music with a lot of rhythm, disco or dance, among other options, and dance. It doesn”t matter if you don”t have much style, it”s about the whole body being in motion, remember that the goal is to lose weight and not gain an exhibition.

Exercises to lose weight fast in the hip, buttocks and legs

Apart from doing aerobic exercise, it is convenient that in the physical activity that is carried out some exercises to tone and gain firmness are included. Also, with your practice, you will continue to burn calories. If you are not very fit, doing fifteen repetitions with each leg is more than enough to start. Take note of these simple exercises to lose weight for the lower body.

  • Squatting: itis one of the most effective for working the legs and buttocks. Walk this way down the hall and, when you have reached the end, make the journey again walking backwards. This will work the entire thigh area. This exercise, although it can be done by anyone, is especially suitable for those who have cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.
  • Jumping squats:this exercise is quite hard, but these are some of the best squats and the results are great. It consists of making the movement as if you were going to sit down, but without having a chair. In this way, you lower the knee flexion to more or less to then stretch your legs and take a small jump. Follow the steps you will see in the image below.
  • Jumps with a bench:to perform this exercise, you will need a stool or stool, which is not very high. The activity consists of climbing with one leg, resting your foot well on the bench, climbing and leaving the other in the air. Then, it is lowered, so that the two feet are well supported on the ground and the previous movement is made with the opposite leg. And so on, until the series is completed

In all these exercises, it is advisable to do a minimum of 15 repetitions of the movement, as we have said at the beginning, and it is convenient to do at least 2 to 3 sets.


Exercises to lose weight in the arms

The upper section or body train is also important to work on. In fact, the inner part of the arms is prone to sagging, which is accentuated if you have to lose a lot of weight. In addition, with the summer, not wearing long sleeves, many are those who prefer to wear a toned arm. To do this, you can do the following exercises for flabby arms that will help you lose weight fast in this area and tone up:

Triceps Funds

It is one of the best exercises for the arms – the chest is also worked -, obtaining results in a short time. If you have never done well, a trick to easily make triceps funds is:

  1. Stand on your back on the couch or bench.
  2. Rest your hands on the edge firmly.
  3. Place your feet in front, stretching your legs and resting your heels well on the floor.
  4. Slowly flex your arms and lower carefully as far as you can.
  5. Slowly raise your body by stretching your arms.
  6. Repeat this movement 10 times and do 3 series.


Lateral arm lifts

This exercise is simpler than the previous one. You just need a little space to open your arms and a couple of full water bottles.

  1. Stand with your back straight.
  2. Put the legs slightly apart, at the height of the hip and the knees flex slightly.
  3. With a bottle of water with each hand – they can be small to begin with – put each arm next to the body.
  4. From there, raise your arms well stretched to shoulder height, so that you form a cross with your body.
  5. Lower your arms slowly until before they touch the body and immediately raise them again.
  6. Do 15 reps and 3 sets.


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