How to leave a man wanting you

Falling in love can sometimes blind us and make us addicted to the other person, even going so far as to do everything they ask of us without any kind of reasoning. But what happens when the other person is not in love with us or simply does not know that we exist? It is normal and natural that we want to try to conquer her by all possible means and thus win her heart.

How to know if a man wants you very much

When a man wants you, that is, he likes you a lot and wants to spend all his time with you, it shows in the following:

  • Calls or writes you daily: this is one of the easiest ways to know if someone cares about you. When someone is interested in us, they look for a way to be in constant contact with us. Therefore, if he always says good morning, good night, asks how you are and what you are doing (in other words, if you are talking all day), he really cares about you.
  • If he tells you to meet frequently: friendship and partner relationships are sustained not only by talking, but above all by seeing each other. Physical contact is important to keep the flame burning. What”s more, if the other person is usually very busy, but in spite of that, they always find a place to see you, it means that they care a lot.
  • If you have details with you: details are also very, very important. If a man usually brings you gifts, either because he remembered you when he visited a place, or because he remembers when you first kissed or met, it is a clear indication that he constantly thinks of you and loves you.
  • If he hugs and kisses you with passion: now we go to the sexual sphere. How do you know if a man wants you a lot? Clearly the answer is in his way of acting. Desire is seen in passion, so if he embraces you and kisses you intensely, as well as if he cannot take his body or his hands off you, it is because he wants you madly.

However, it must be remembered that each person is different, and that a shy man will not act in the same way as one who is more outgoing. So we remind you to always be attentive to the details: how he looks at you, if he blushes when you are together, if his eyes open a lot when he sees you in a nice dress, etc.

How to leave a man wanting to see you

Normally, after a first date, we wonder if she liked us, if she wants to see us again or if, on the contrary, love has not arisen. It is important to note that there are things that cannot be forced, so if you are not his type of girl or boy, sadly, there is not much to do.

In love many things intermingle: tastes, chemistry, self-esteem, past experiences … so, no matter how much we try to like him, it is not always in our power to do so. The best thing is that you show yourself as you are and, if he likes you, believe us: he will want to see you again.

How to make a man think of you and look for you

A man, like a woman, cannot stop thinking about someone due, many times, to reasons such as the ones we will see below, so we recommend that when you are with him you try to leave your mark in these ways:

  • Make him feel admiration for you: admiration is one of the most powerful factors when it comes to falling in love with someone. Many platonic loves are, in fact, pure admiration for someone. So, if you want him to keep thinking about you and look for you, it is best to show him your way of acting and thinking without hesitation, because the truth is that when someone has their own personality and shows it without fear, they don”t It only falls in love, but sometimes provokes admiration, since not everyone is capable of showing themselves as they are without fear of what they will say or what others may think.
  • Be interesting: people who have a passion for something, be it music, painting, writing or reading, among others, awaken a real passion and curiosity in others, since they can teach them a world that the other does not know. Or, even if you both share the same passion, that may seem interesting too, since you can discuss things that with other people would be impossible.
  • Be somewhat independent: independence, although it seems fascinating, captivates others. Moreover, when we are in love with someone, it is especially attractive that someone is independent and good about himself. When, on the other hand, someone is very sad and constantly needs the attention of others, this can have the opposite effect.

How to get a man addicted to you

If what you are looking for is for him to become addicted to you, we advise the following:

  • Be sensual: sensuality is one of the strongest points when it comes to making a man addicted to you. And we don”t mean to be sensual only in bed, but also in our movements and in the way we speak. This is raw flirtation. Coquetry well used can be like a sweet candy that you are dying to try and cannot.
  • Play tug of war: and when we say this, we don”t mean to play with that person”s feelings, but rather to be aware of him and show him our affection, but also reserve a space for ourselves. This is a factor that creates addiction for many people, especially when the affection that is shown is also charged with passion. This way, when you are dedicating yourself, he will probably miss you and want you to give him your full attention again.
  • Meet and talk with other people: and let him know. By doing this, he will realize that he is not your priority and / or that you do not need him, which will cause him to try to be your priority and pay more attention to him.

If you leave a man wanting, what happens?

Each person is different, so the reactions of each one will also be different. If we are talking about leaving a man wanting to have sex with you or wanting to stay with you longer, the following could happen:

  • That he looks for you desperately: that is, that he is anxious and crazy about you and tries by all means to conquer you and, somehow, “catch” you too.
  • Make him feel bad: if the boy is sensitive, he may think that he is doing something wrong with you and that, ultimately, the fault that your relationship is not going to more is his. If this is the case, try to smooth things over with him, because you could end up hurting him.
  • That he has no interest in you: There is also the possibility that he has no interest in you and simply does not react to your flirtation, or that he does it in a courteous way so as not to hurt your feelings.
  • That he only looks for you out of interest: it could also be the case that he realizes that you are trying to conquer him and that he pretends not to notice it because he is only interested in having a carnal relationship with you.
  • That he does not want to know anything more about you: there is always the possibility that a man ends up getting tired of the tug of war and prefers not to continue in that situation. That would not mean that he does not like you, on the contrary, he may feel a real interest in you, but if he feels that you are playing with him, he might prefer to end the relationship so as not to get hurt. If the latter is the case, we recommend that you stop trying to win him over as you have been up to now and give him some space so that he can clearly think about what he wants to do with your relationship.

Why do you want to leave a man wanting you

However, in One HOW we are forced to ask you, why do you want to leave a man wanting you? Although the answer may seem very obvious at first, we want to remind you that it is possible that it is for one of these reasons:

  • Low self-esteem:self- esteem is very important and will be so throughout our lives, what”s more, it can influence us not only in our relationships as a couple, but also with our friends, with our work and even with our children. Sometimes we look for tricks to make a man want us simply because we think we are not valid enough to get to like us. Remember that attraction happens naturally and that when there is love, it is not necessary to force things so that the man does not lose interest in you.
  • Insecurities: Another possibility is that, for one reason or another, you are a very insecure person. This, although it may seem the opposite, is something other than low self-esteem. Insecurity can arise for multiple reasons, among others because it is not valued enough, the truth is that there are people who are safer than others by nature. If you have an insecurity problem, it is advisable that you try to work on that situation.
  • Fear of being alone: there is also the possibility that what really happens to you is that you are afraid of being alone. For centuries, society has placed special emphasis on finding a partner at all costs, especially if we are women. This untrue message has so marked our lifestyle and our thinking that we already have it as an absolute truth and, where it is worse, in the unconscious. Remember that nothing happens to be alone. Everything comes with time, and if it doesn”t, nothing happens. Love manifests itself in many ways and, if we stop to think, we receive it daily from various people.
  • Need to be accepted: Another possible reason for wanting to leave a man wanting you is because of the need to be accepted. As human beings that we are, we are sociable by nature, so wanting to be accepted is something that should not surprise us. The problem is when that natural desire becomes a need, sometimes even agonizing. When this happens, there is another problem behind it. Do we need to be accepted because we don”t accept ourselves? Do we need to be accepted to feel more secure? These are some of the possible questions you could ask yourself.
  • Emotional trauma: Finally, there is also the possibility that you want to leave a man wanting you because of your past experiences. If you”ve had a bad relationship in the past, you may be afraid that the same thing will happen to you again. And it doesn”t have to be a bad relationship, but it can also have to do with your parents, a friend or relative. The emotional pain of the past can manifest itself in unimaginable ways, like in this case wanting a man to keep thinking about you and looking for you.

If you feel identified with any of these points and you think that for this reason you want to leave a man with desire for you, we recommend that you go to a professional so that he can help you overcome this situation properly. In this way, you can live your relationships in a healthier and happier way.


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