How to know if I fell in love with my boyfriend”s best friend – What do I do, say something to him or am I still with my boyfriend?

You are having a cup of coffee in the afternoon; you start to remember and think and you realize that I like my boyfriend”s best friend. Has it happened to you? Well, you are not the only one.

Nowadays, meetings between friends, even those of your partner, are common, either through social networks or on a Sunday afternoon, it is becoming easier to interact and get closer to the friends of our boyfriend or husband.

However, we must understand that we are in a serious relationship where everything is going well, therefore, there is no room to think “I like my partner”s friend.”

We must reflect and understand that what we are doing is not right. And even, in these cases, talking about it is not a good idea either. The best thing is to try to forget it and not give it much importance, infidelities break the home forever, do not let that happen to you.

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How do I know if I like my husband”s friend or my boyfriend”s?

If after a night meeting, or spending the day with your circle of friends, you start thinking about I think I like my partner”s friend, you should be very careful about it.

But if you have had this idea, it has not been by chance, surely the friend of your husband or boyfriend has done something that has caught your attention.

Given all this, it is very important to be clear about how to know if a boy likes you. Unintentionally or not, there may have been a particular connection, a look, a common joke, or an opinion similar to yours on a certain topic.

Anyway, something contributed to the connection, before this, you can search the internet for a test on how to know if my friend or my boyfriend likes me.

Now, if the situation is ”I like a friend of my ex-boyfriend” The ideal is that you get out of there, there is nothing better than breaking the cycles with old relationships.

Is it bad to dream that I like my boyfriend”s best friend?

Considering that dreams are usually the fruit of our imagination, we should not worry. However, a large number of psychologists who transcended history, have a different opinion about it.

In psychology, it has been considered that some dreams that we have, can be repressed desires, things that we long for but do not want to accept, either because of the unattainable or the inadequate.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned, you should worry and consider it a bad thing to dream that you like your friend or the best friend of your boyfriend or husband.

Maybe not the first time, but if dreams are repeated and even tend to go from tone to something more lustful, then if you should worry and take action on the matter.

Although it is not entirely bad, it is not the best thing to do in a serious dating relationship and much less between an already committed couple. While it is true that slip-ups between couples usually occur, we must avoid them at all costs.

What to do if I like the friend of my boyfriend or ex-boyfriend?

We must understand that there are times when we are not at the maximum in our relationship, there may be certain differences with our boyfriend or husband that may lead us to want to try other experiences.

However, we must bear in mind that this is not ideal, and telling your best friend “I like a friend of my boyfriend” may not contribute to the process.

In general, rumors fly quickly and she may want to contribute on how to know if my boyfriend”s friend likes me, a question that should not cross our minds or take it into account.

Usually, there are exceptions, and if you are having strong problems in your relationship, you are being mistreated or humiliated, if you feel attracted to your boyfriend”s best friend, it may be a sign that you should break this cycle of pain.

we give you the best advice for you, we hope you analyze everything we propose and make the most appropriate decision. Successes!

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