How to improve the structure of internal links and improve link building

In SEO, one of the complicated things is the links, so you have to know in depth how to use them to improve your positioning.

In this post we go beyond learning to link, but to work on the links we make internally to get more out of our content without having to resort to third parties.

This is very strategic so I recommend that you take a pencil and paper or help yourself to do the internal linking strategy of mind mapping tools.

Why are external links so sensitive?

The most important thing is that you can have penalties for bad link policies.

As Google does not like us to sell and buy them, it penalizes us at the slightest suspicion.

When we link a website incorrectly, we are giving it an undeserved relevance and that is what Google does not want.

Internal links are very important for SEO

It is worth that at the level of positioning the internal links by themselves do not have value in comparison as an external link but they play a very important role in other positioning factors.

  • They are in charge of communicating some pages with others
  • They are those that indicate to the search engines which are the reference pages on our site, the more inbound links, the more relevant
  • They are keyword indicators
  • At the usability level they help the visitor to see more pages on the web

They are also free, you do not have to ask anyone for permission and you control them 100%.

Not linking is a failure as is linking crazy

You need to link to make your page look relevant.

An external link to another page is the best way to tell Google “come see this” so it is important to work and review the links you have to your website and those that come out of it.

Sometimes they put fear in our bodies with no follow all the links… it is not good unless it is only links to Amazon or another affiliate platform.

If you have an article in which the link can fit naturally, you should include it follow because it is a sign that you have documented yourself, that you are talking about something coherent and it says a lot about the quality of the article.

Errors that destroy internal link building

Our structure of internal links is very important and valuable if we do it well, if we do not do it well, it is very simple, it can be used to connect pages but not for SEO.


This has a lot to do with link juice since sometimes we place many links to other pages and what we do is that authority is not transferred well.

It is better to place 2 links strategically than 6

Depending on the domain authority you have, I recommend not placing many links, 2 internal links are enough in most cases.


It may seem like an urban legend but the experiments I have done tell me that the higher you have a link, the more powerful it is, therefore it will have more authority and link juice than the rest.

Use that link wisely and I recommend putting it in the first 160 words of the post.


Depending on the “rel” attribute, for example, nofollows do not count, they do not transmit page rank, so we should not count them.

That is why it is important to use these links even in the internal linking, imagine that you have many links within an article, you can nofollow those that are less relevant.


If the link has a good anchor text, it is more relevant than one that has half a paragraph. The engines want things very clear, sometimes I see anchor text that kill me and they are:

  • Click here
  • Know more
  • + Info…

They are seen a lot in buttons that are links and you have to take care of them.


From experience, optimized in-text links work best, especially when you want to rank for that keyword or key long tail.

There are links that are almost invisible like the footer link, those of the sidebar, it has hardly any relevance compared to one within the text itself.

Think that the menu bar is a nest of links, those links Google obfuscates them because they are not relevant within your article.

In Rubén Alonso”s blog “My web positioning” you can find Cyrus Shepard”s images on the value of links for Google in an entry that has no waste on link building.


The pages that have higher page authority generally have a better page rank than others, so take advantage of and get valuable links from them to important pages and get them to improve their positioning.

This you can know with some extension for the browser.

What is link juice

There is a parameter derived from the Page Rank algorithm called link juice, which is like a small transfer of authority from one page to another that is achieved through links.

This explained like this is simple, there are mathematical formulas and a lot written about it.

Depending on your authority and your page rank, the links on a page have a certain link juice, this is transferred (it does not mean that the page loses anything) through the links, depending on the value of the link it can transfer more or less link juice.

An optimized link in the upper part of the text penetrates more than one at the bottom of the text, if there are many this intensity is divided.

How is the ideal internal link structure

Think that the structure of links are like pipes that carry the flow of authority from one page to another, so we must take care that no area of ​​our blog runs dry of links.

It also happens that if we get many links from a page, the link juice is diluted since it is divided between the links that we have outgoing, with this it means that if we have 30 if we put two links one can have 20 and another 10 if we put 4 maybe don”t even get 10 each.

You have to include the internal linking strategy in your day to day

I think the post is quite clear, if you have doubts ask, because there are things that seem simple but I recognize that they are a brick.

The most important thing is that you include internal links in your post, that you put them with your head and that you review the most important posts to bring authority from them to others that are not so popular.

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