How to improve performance with natural nootropic foods

One of the keys to improving sports performance is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, in which all foods have a place. Some foods where natural nootropics should also have their share of prominence , a series of foods that enhance brain activities by providing energy or better concentration , two aspects that are also key to obtaining maximum performance both in our training and competitions as well as in the personal and professional life.

Natural nootropics and sports

Theanine, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, bacopa They are just some of the natural nootropics that you are sure to know and you may even take without knowing that nootropic effect. When we take them they activate a series of neurotransmitters in our brain that cause this beneficial effect for performance. Surely the most prominent effect of natural nootropics is the increase in mental energy, which allows us to concentrate much better in our training or in competition.

But the thing does not end here, since they also produce a certain feeling of well-being that can help us face training or competition with greater motivation. Also noteworthy is its role in helping us sleep better and promoting rest and recovery after exercise. As you well know, rest is one of the keys to reaching an optimal level of performance, since it allows the muscles and the body to assimilate the work done during training and recharge energy for a new workout.

What are the best nootropic foods?

We are interested in taking advantage of nootropic foods, and we do not have to look for exotic foods. For example, the egg is an excellent natural nootropic food since it provides us with a component such as choline, basic for mental stimulation. Also very interesting are the contributions of raw green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale) that also have nootropic components. In addition to improving sports performance, they help us in the prevention of cognitive deterioration.

Another of the most prominent nootropic foods is walnuts. You may have heard of their many benefits for athletes before, but they help us boost concentration and mental performance. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, like tuna or salmon, oily fish that contribute to neuronal stimulation. Finally, we must talk about dark chocolate, since cocoa flavonoids are included in natural nootropic foods, so that chocolate helps us improve performance.

Nootropic supplements to improve athletic performance

Despite finding nootropic components in many natural foods, we may have to turn to nootropic supplements to complete our diet and boost performance. Some supplements that you can use in your workouts in order to improve your concentration, performance or motivation, improve your mood and have that extra energy that comes so well when it comes to doing sports.

Full expansion in the sector of supplementation for athletes, and has products that help us to perform more in our training and to recover better after each session. They are natural supplements, which use plant extract ingredients of the highest purity such as ginkgo biloba, coffee beans, bacopa. All this, within the quality standards necessary to guarantee that the athlete receives the highest quality supplements to meet their needs.

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