How to improve my personal image

Our personal image is our main letter of introduction to others, so we must take care of it and make it go in line with our inner wealth. To achieve this, it is not necessary to hire a personal shopper or spend a fortune on fashion stores, we just need to pay a little attention and establish a series of rules that we can apply daily to our image.

Self esteem

To be good on the outside we must feel good on the inside, the outside reflects our inside. To nurture self-esteem, it is important to take care of yourself, spend a few minutes a day with yourself whether it is to think, to relax, or to exercise. Exercise is especially important because it helps us look better and generate endorphins. Of course, it also helps to surround ourselves with people who love us.

Self-image awareness

We must be aware of our own image, nobody better than you knows what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses are. In addition, using styling as a tool we will be able to disguise these small “flaws” and also enhance our virtues. We can learn which garments favor us according to the shape of our body, which accessories to choose according to the proportion of our features, or the color that best suits us. Feel according to the color of our hair, our skin and our eyes.

Transmitting information

It is very important to keep in mind that our image transmits a lot of information. With our clothes or our haircut we project, many times inadvertently and other times in a wrong way, an enormous amount of information of diverse nature: political tendency, state of mind, sexual availability and social status, among other labels.

It all depends

The same way of dressing does not mean the same everywhere, nor on all occasions, nor on all people. Everything varies according to the country, and the region where we are, the season of the year, how old we are or the context in which we find ourselves. We will not dress the same if we go to a job interview or if we go to dinner with friends. Our clothing will vary, in fact, depending on the company or restaurant we go to. All factors must be taken into account.

Closet ground

It is important not to let aesthetic criteria be imposed on us in magazines or on TV, it is not a good idea to copy the clothes of celebrities or a partner or friend, we must be ourselves and follow our own criteria. It is not advisable to jump into buying new clothes, thinking that we have nothing to wear. The ideal is to know how to take advantage of what we have in the wardrobe, and keep in mind that, for example, with different accessories it will seem that we have different garments.

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