How to Identify Clutch Noises

One of the things that can most disturb a driver is a strange sound in the vehicle while driving. If this sound comes from the clutch, the insecurity is more noticeable, since it causes a feeling of lack of control of the car. The truth is that we must always pay attention to these sounds or vibrations that are not usual, since it is normal that they are the manifestation of a fault. Here we explain how to identify clutch noises.

Steps to follow:

One.The first thing to say is that a clutch should not make any kind of sound, so you should always be alert if you notice any. Even if it is not urgent that you take the car, it is recommended that the first thing you do is take it to a workshop so that a professional can solve a possible breakdown.

Two.If you want to identify a clutch noise that occurs not when you step on it, but when you have already changed gear and take your foot off the pedal, you should know that there are several reasons that can cause it. The most common is that the shaft is already much worn, so you will have to replace it.

3.If your car is new, it is difficult for this part to be worn. So, the cause of the noise when releasing the clutch can be found in a bad adjustment, which can come from two sources:

  • That the disc and the flywheel are not correctly aligned.
  • That the pedal setting is not adequate, so that the disc slips.

4.If clutch noise, however, appears when you have depressed the pedal, not when releasing it, the cause may be that the bearing is beginning to wear out. It will then be your turn to go to your usual mechanic to have the part replaced.

5.On the contrary, if the strange sound in the clutch is produced as soon as you start pressing the pedal, it is most likely that you find that the transmission control is incorrectly adjusted. In this case, it will be enough to install it correctly so that the noise disappears.

6.We recommend that, whenever you have a breakdown in the car , check if you can still get under the car warranty and thus you will avoid having to pay out amounts of money that, sometimes, are not negligible.


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