How to hire minors

The number of underage workers has been increasing lately. If you are an entrepreneur and want to know under what conditions you can hire minors, or you are a minor and you want to enter the labor market, this article can be very useful. For the hiring of minors, there are a number of requirements and conditions that must be met, but which ones?

Steps to follow:

1.One of the requirements to be met is that the worker is over sixteen years old. Therefore, we are talking about workers between 16 and 18 years old. Therefore, it will be legally impossible to discharge a worker under 16 under any circumstances.

2.Another of the conditions is the prohibition or restriction of underage workers to perform night work or activities declared unhealthypainfulharmful or dangerous. If this rule is not respected, there is the possibility of denunciation by the worker or that in some labor inspection penalties for the company are generated.

3.Another requirement that minor workers must meet is the inability to perform overtime. As in the previous case, if this situation occurs, any complaint by the worker will mean significant penalties for the company, since the law is very strict and protective with minors.

4.The last of the conditions that must be met with the work of minors is related to participation in public shows. For the participation of minors in these shows, a permit must be requested from the labor authorities, provided that it is not a danger to the physical health or to the professional and human training of the minor.

5.Remember that all obligations and rights set forth in the contract and in the statute of the workers must be fulfilled and respected like any other worker, in addition to those already mentioned above.


  • For more information and to resolve possible doubts, contact your trusted labor adviser or the corresponding union.

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