How To Hire A Domestic Employee

You have problems at home because the responsibilities in your work activity outside the home do not allow you to have a few moments to fix it as you want, needing help at all times, since your children are small and you do not have help at all.

Another thing that may be affecting you is the size of your house, which depends on the number of rooms and yours has three, plus bathrooms, dining room and kitchen, garage and backyard, plus terrace or garden crying out for the need someone to help you.

Of course, the person you hire must have their social security, in addition to a minimum of working hours, the responsibilities that they must do so that they can verify the payment that you must make, whether weekly, biweekly and even monthly.

It is important that to hire a domestic worker, you must keep in mind a series of steps, which must be borne in mind due to the changes in the hiring regulations, so that you do not occur in any article

Take into account hiring a company designed to hire staff, since they always have a payroll which you can choose according to your requirements, making the process shorter and less tedious in terms of paperwork.

What do you need to hire a domestic employee?

  • A company.
  • Telephone contact.
  • Fill out forms.
  • Know the current regulations.
  • The type of work to be performed.
  • House needs.
  • A direct hire.

Instructions for hiring a domestic employee

When a person is interested in hiring a domestic worker because of their multiple occupations, due to the little time left to carry out the various tasks, it is essential to first know the provisions of current laws so as not to make mistakes.

Apart from this, you must also keep in mind the updated salary that must be paid according to the number of hours worked, the work that you will also do if it is to stay inside the house or comes and goes during the day, it is necessary to know to be up to date. Day on this information.

When people decide to hire a domestic worker, they can do so in two ways, one is with a service company responsible for employment or directly by placing an advertisement in a local newspaper with which candidates must be interviewed.

Hire a domestic helper step by step.

  1. To hire a domestic worker, it is essential that you do it through an authorized company and with the documentation in order so that the process is carried out in a legal way and based on all the principles of the current contracting regulations.
  2. It is not that you directly hire the necessary personnel to be willing to work at home, at the moment you choose the company which will give you the curriculum and documentation of each of the interested parties that you can hire.
  3. The cleaning and home care company must have all this updated information that includes the telephone numbers to contact those candidates who are or have the requirements that you want for your employee and thus have a series of people to interview.
  4. Generally, the selection process is carried out by the hiring company, and then possible candidates are sent to you so that you have the possibility to choose the one you think best will have a stable working relationship with you.
  5. On the other hand, candidates must have their complete information in these companies, which are responsible for placing people in the different jobs that are emerging, in an opportunity to lower the portfolio of unemployed.
  6. The company, most of the time, is not responsible for the personnel that is being hired, but it is responsible for placing them to facilitate the possibility of wasting time placing a newspaper ad and that the search may take longer.
  7. The company usually has the responsibility of placing a person when the permanent employee is on vacation, so it is a safer way to keep in mind that you do not run out of worker at this time.
  8. For many reasons also having contact with placement companies, the search work is done faster than normal. What do you prefer then? Of course a placement company is the most convenient.
  9. It is important to remind you that the company is the one that usually cancels the employee”s salary, while he performs the work for the stipulated time, making it clear that when he retires the company is the one in charge of giving him the settlement expenses.
  10. On the contrary, if a particular deal has been made, it is you who has to make the payment, so it is important to have a serious and responsible company to hire, if you do not deal with any bureaucratic documents.
  11. Depending on the work time you need, the logical thing is that the company is in charge of offering you the employee if you wish for 3 to 8 hours a week, being the most advisable for a person to help you with housework.
  12. The placement firms tend to be very responsible in this area, so you must keep in mind that’s not you who is going to waste time with document processing issue, which is much more profitable for all involved.
  13. If what you want is to hire a person for more or more hours, the logical thing is that you do it directly to avoid having to pay more and the processing is easier if you do it yourself, so think carefully about what time you”re going to need your employee.
  14. It is important to be aware that companies do not have this type of security regime, which contemplates the possibility of having an employee who sleeps in your house, so sometimes it is very expensive and with a series of papers that do not correspond.
  15. The important thing is to be aware of the time, the type of employee that is required and the tasks to which he is going to dedicate himself and thus there is no type of problem, generating a disposition of both the contractor, the company and the contractor.
  16. The advice of a placement company is the best alternative for communication between the parties involved in the process, on whom it depends that everything is carried out in a safe, fast and reliable way.
  17. Apart from all this, people who are hired as substitutes during the vacation period also enter into the adjustment of salaries, remunerations in addition to the bonuses that they receive for their work for the duration of the work.
  18. Do you agree with the placement company then? They are a good option so that you do not have to pay more and thus you can have the best service, in a moderately fast time so that the paperwork, the hiring and the service are done.

Tips for hiring a domestic employee

  • Remember to always ask for the references of all employees.
  • Take care that the tasks are done the way you say them and from the beginning.
  • Maintain good communication with your employee.
  • Also with the company if you use it to hire.

Pay your employees up to date and responsibly so that there is a good working relationship.

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