How to hide the thick legs

Thick legs? Maybe, but don”t be noticed! Having a perfect body is available to very few people and depends on the trend and what is understood by beauty in each place and time. However, by making a good choice of clothing it is possible to hide those parts of our body that we do not like so much, and if in this case you are interested in hiding the thick legs and making them look much longer and more stylized, pay attention to this article. We show you the best tricks to achieve it and look much more beautiful on any occasion.

Dark tones play in your favor

Rule number 1: black stylizes. It is at the top of the colors that most stylize, although it does not have to be always black, they can be other colors but in dark tones to also disguise the thick legs. Pants, skirts, dresses, stockings …, you can combine all these garments in shades of brown, green, blue, purple, etc., any color but that is followed by the adjective dark. If you want to add bright tones to your look, play with accessories (necklaces, bracelets, bags, shoes …).

A tip: always try to combine colors from the same range to further stylize your figure. A dark brown or navy outfit looks great!

No shorts, shorts or skinny pants

Here is a list of the garments that will best fit your legs: wide and straight-waisted pants, dresses and skirts with soft dropsbaggys or other wide garments. To hide the thick legs, you must avoid shorts, shorts or skinny pants. These garments will only increase the feeling of having wide legs. To achieve a greater slimming effect, we recommend that you combine these clothes with dark tones. Your legs will look much thinner!

Never hide your legs

Don”t give up showing your legs, however wide they are. Although if you want to wear them as well as possible, always bet on dresses and skirts that reach at least the knee. Do not try miniskirts or short dresses because you will not feel as beautiful as you can be. Hiding thick legs is easier if you dress this way.

Be careful what you wear

The shoes that best combine with your beautiful and thick legs are high boots and open heels. These two styles of footwear will magically lengthen your legs and make them look much thinner.

You should always avoid Mary Jane-type shoes (the typical shoes used as a girls” school uniform: low heels, closed forehead and a strap that fastens through the instep). You will not be favored by bracelet shoes (those that fasten above the ankle and have the instep exposed), nor boots that reach mid-calf. Thin heels don”t help either, as they accentuate the thickness of the legs.

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