How to hide Christmas gifts well

The saying goes “curiosity killed the cat”, and that is that some people simply cannot bear the anxiety and the desire to know what gifts await them on Christmas Eve or the kings, so it is necessary to hide them in a safe place to keep them away from his curious hands, but the question is where? Well, we give you some ideas so that you know how to hide Christmas gifts well.

Steps to follow:

1. Forget the common places, that is, no closets, wardrobes or under the bed, they are the first places that anyone would look for, especially a child, who is usually more curious than some adults, there are more original places

2. If only you have the key to the storage room, what are you waiting for? It is a great place to hide gifts. And to make sure that in a distraction someone who could find them does not enter, you can also hide them inside a suitcase, so at least they will not be seen with the naked eye

3. Hide them in a place where there are no other children or curious hands, for example in your parents” house, so you can be sure that no one will see them until the time comes.

4. If your parents live far from you or they are not a good option, there is another possibility, hiding them in your office, of course, for this you would have to have the space for it, a closet or drawer in which they fit comfortably. This is a great idea because only you will have access to them without fear of anyone finding them

5. If the trunk of your car is always full of things, what does it matter to put a few more in a sneaky way? If the gifts are small and go unnoticed, you could put them in a black bag and make them go through one of the thousand things you have in the trunk, you just have to make sure that nobody grabs the bag out of confusion and finds the Christmas shipment

6. Avoid having gifts hidden at home unless you really have a perfect space for it, a large attic, a corner that no one would check, otherwise you will always run the risk of being discovered and it is that we have all gone to the hunting gifts, so the further away from home they are the better.

7. It is very easy to detect the case of a watch or any other jewel with the packaging, for example, but if you put that box in another bigger box and then cover it, you will easily be able to confuse your wife / or. It is also easy to know by the size that this gift could be a video game, a CD or DVD, put it in a larger bag or packaging and have fun watching the face of intrigue of the recipient

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