How to hide a tired look

Not sleeping enough hours, suffering from insomnia or having a bad night will directly influence the appearance of our face the next day, especially in the area of ​​the eyes that will be slightly swollen and fatigued. If you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, you will surely consider what to do to combat fatigue and make your face look much brighter and more beautiful, because don”t worry because with a few simple tricks it is possible to achieve this. Pay attention to the following tips and discover how to hide a tired look.

Steps to follow:

1.Before starting to focus on the eye area exclusively, if you have had a bad night and tiredness has overshadowed the good appearance of your face, nothing better than washing it very well using a little cold water. This simple action will reactivate the blood circulation in the area, instantly reducing swelling, as well as refreshing and toning the skin.

2.The main telltale signs of a tired and tired look are unsightly dark circles and bags, so trying to reduce them will be key to looking more vital and beautiful face. We recommend that before resorting to makeup tricks, you put into practice some of the following home remedies, ideal to deflate the area and make the dark marks under your eyes much less visible:

  • Prepare an infusion of chamomile, moisten a few cotton pads when it is very cold and place them on the eyes for 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Place some cucumber slices on the eyelids, letting them rest for 20 minutes.
  • Put a few tea bags in the fridge and then place them on your puffy, tired eyes.


3.When you have managed to reduce inflammation and reduce dark circles, it will be your turn to give way to makeup to hide a tired look. Your great ally will be especially the concealer and you will have to choose one that is only a slightly lighter shade than your skin so as not to obtain an artificial finish. Apply it from the area of ​​the tear to the outer area of ​​the eye, giving small touches and blending the ends well, and voilà! The dark circles will be completely gone.

In the event that your dark circles are very marked and even have a lilac or purple hue, then it will be preferable that you use a yellow concealer.

4.Another foolproof makeup trick to hide your tired look is to give a few spots of light. Use a light beige pencil or a white eyeliner and apply it just in the area of ​​the tear to provide great luminosity to the eyes. And to make them bigger and more open, apply it also in the lower water line in a subtle way, replacing the classic black eyeliner that, on the contrary, hardens the look and dwarfs the eyes.

5.Before using mascara, make use of the eyelash curler and your look will seem much more awake instantly, in addition to being very seductive and attractive. If you have never used this tool before and want to learn how to do it without jeopardizing the health of your lashes

6.Finally you can also hide the tired look by applying an illuminating eyeshadow with a bright touch on the mobile eyelid. You can choose the color that you like, being preferable the softest for the day, and the dark and intense for the night. Likewise, to enlarge the eyes and achieve a more luminous make-up, cream shadows are preferable to powder ones.


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