How to hide a lip piercing

Piercings are piercings in the skin accompanied by jewels, either of a spiritual or cultural nature, or simply for aesthetic reasons. A popular facial piercing is the laborer, which is located just below the lower lip. Unfortunately, body piercings are not always tolerated, especially in the workplace, which may make it necessary to hide the piercings at times.

Steps to follow:

1.Change to a ball labret if you currently wear a ring. A smooth surface ball is preferable as it causes less damage.

2.Leave the ball outside the labret stud and store it in a safe place, like an envelope in a desk drawer. Without the ball it is easier to hide.

3.Put a small circular bandage over the charm. Use a flesh-colored bandage to make it less visible.

4.Another option is to put on a PTF labret that is transparent and remove the ball.

5.Buy a marker for skin color and the color of the flat metal. Color only the parts that are necessary to hide.

6.Cut the adhesive part of a plaster and apply it to the perforation area. This will prevent the gauze fibers from getting stuck in the hole.

7.Wear extravagant scarves and scarves to get attention. Try to hide with your hand, while sitting at a desk, resting your chin on your hand.

8.You can also apply makeup and creams to hide the piercing.


  • A foundation can be applied to the bandage, if desired. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and blend with the bandage and surrounding skin until the coloration is uniform.
  • Clear labret studs can also hide the piercing without the need for a bandage.

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