How to have healthy skin

Do you want your skin to appear healthy and perfect? Then you have to take into account a series of tips and treatments that will help you improve the appearance of the dermis and be able to show off a porcelain face. In this article we are going to indicate different aspects that you must take into account to improve the health of your skin related not only to the beauty treatments that you have to carry out, but also to the diet and lifestyle habits to continue to make your complexion look improved.

 Keep reading and discover how to have healthy skin with simple applications that you can easily do at home.

Steps to follow:

1. In order to have healthy skin, it is important that you take care of it daily with the necessary treatments: clean your skin thoroughly in the morning and at night to remove any excess dirt that may have impregnated the skin and that, if it is not cleaned, it could cause blackheads, pimples, acne, etc. To wash your skin, you just have to use a soap suitable for your skin type (oily, combination or dry) and then apply a toner that will cleanse the dermis more deeply.

To rinse, you will have to use cold water as it promotes skin moisture and helps to close pores; The hot one, however, dries the skin and makes it flakier. After washing, you will have to apply your usual moisturizer so that the result is flawless.

In addition, we recommend that you do a cleaning at least once a week and if you do not have time to go to the aesthetics.

2. To remove dirt and remove dead skin cells, there is nothing better than opting for an exfoliation 1 or 2 times a week, depending on your skin type. But, also, there is a very beneficial treatment known as ” body brushing ” that consists of brushing your skin when you are dry, thus eliminating dead skin and promoting lymphatic drainage, something perfect to reduce cellulite. If you are interested in this option, you will have to go to the pharmacy or a cosmetic product store to buy the special brush for the skin; You just have to brush your body before each bath and you will notice the difference.

In the event that you prefer to use an exfoliant, you should know that the result is very similar to brushing but, usually, it is only recommended to use 1 or 2 times a week as it could be harmful to the skin if used in excess. You can opt for products that are already prepared but, if you prefer something more natural, we recommend our article in which we tell you how to make homemade scrubs.

3. But to have healthy skin it is not only enough that you take care of it externally because our dermis is also a reflection of the internal functioning of our body; Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your skin, you should not forget that hydration must be done both outside and inside.

This is why it is recommended that you drink 2 liters of water a day so that the body works properly and that the appearance of your skin is much more hydrated in both ways. In addition, water ensures that we eliminate toxins in a natural way, that the body is purified and that our body is cleaner and healthier.

4. But, in addition to hydrating on the inside, it is important that you also hydrate on the outside. We have already indicated in the first point that after each face wash you will have to apply your usual moisturizer. But not only that, but it is recommended that you apply a mask that hydrates in depth weekly and that manages to combat free radicals in the environment.

You can choose to use a moisturizing cream or mask that is already prepared, although, in beauty matters, it is always recommended that you use natural ingredients since they do not have chemicals or polluting elements that can harm you. A mask with honey, strawberries or avocado are some of those that we propose in the article on homemade moisturizing masks.

5. healthy skin also is directly related to the food we eat. Keep in mind that we are what we eat and, therefore, it is important that you choose a healthy diet, low in fat and full of fruits and vegetables, only then, will you achieve that the health of your interior is reflected on the outside thanks to the skin. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that vegetables and fruits provide us are the best nutrients to improve the health of our dermis and, therefore, it is recommended that you take these ingredients in your diet daily.

But, in addition, there are also other good foods for the skin, such as olive oil that helps us to look younger and more radiant thanks to its high content of vitamin E and its fatty acids; Therefore, it is advisable to take 2 or 3 tablespoons a day of this food so that your skin notices the difference. The tomato is another ally for the skin because it is rich in lycopene, a nutrient that protects the skin cells.

6. The exercise also helps the skin looks healthier because thanks to perspiration get rid of toxins and therefore oxygenate our cells. Also keep in mind that over the years, the skin loses elasticity and toning, so thanks to exercise you will be able to strengthen it and thus improve its external appearance and internal health.

It is most recommended that you exercise at least 3 times a week and that you combine cardiovascular exercise (running, aerobics, cycling, etc.) with toning activities that will help you burn fat, tone your skin and show a dermis free of toxins and regenerated.

7. You should also get away from stress and rest daily for 7 or 8 hours since it is the best way to alleviate the damage that free radicals have caused us. When sleeping, our cells are oxygenated and our tissues are also repaired and, therefore, the skin will notice the difference.

8. For a healthy complexion it is also essential that you keep it protected from the sun”s rays. Keep in mind that skin cancer is one of the most serious risks that can occur due to overexposure to the sun and to be prevented, you just need to do one thing: put on sunscreen every day before makeup. It should be, at least, a factor of 15 to be prevented from UVA rays.

9. It is also important that you keep away some lifestyle habits that can affect the appearance of your skin, such as alcohol or tobacco. Alcoholic beverages promote dehydration of the body in addition to drying out the skin; Tobacco smoke, on the other hand, dries the skin but also constricts the blood vessels, causing less blood to reach the skin and, therefore, preventing the nutrients it needs from reaching it.

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