How to get the attention of a Leo

The Leo man is one of the most fiery men in the zodiac. Passionate, strong, brave, proud and a bit conceited, he is characterized by having a big heart. Leo is a fire sign and its symbol is the king of the jungle, the lion. He is an indomitable soul, with an overwhelming personality and a strong character.

If you are in love with a Leo man, stay tuned to this article because you will know what kind of women they like, what attracts them and how to win him over. Here we want to show you how to attract the attention of a Leo so that that special person does not escape you, will you dare to conquer the king of the jungle?

Steps to follow:

One.Let him take the initiative. Leos are very proud and love to hold the reins, especially when it comes to conquest. Let him ask you out, let him be the one to give you the first kiss or decide the plan of the first date. If he sees that it seems good to you and that you accept his way of acting, as long as it is to your liking and without doing anything forced, logically, you will make him happy.

If you are one of those people who do not like being told what to do and prefer to take the initiative yourself, you have chosen a bad travel companion. It will be difficult for one of the two to give in and that will cause absurd discussions that can greatly complicate the relationship.

Two.If you are very homey or boring, it is difficult for you to end up with it. Leo men are very sociable and love to surround themselves with friends to enjoy fun plans. They adore parties where there are a lot of people so that they can bring out their friendly character and be the center of attention. If you are fun, friendly, sociable, you like to go out and meet a lot of people, you are their girl. You will have fun together and have a great time. Because yes: with Leo it is rare that you can get bored.

3.Leo is very proud and, why not say it, also vain. He loves knowing that you admire him but what he likes the most is that you tell him how fantastic he is. If you are a flatterer and give him ears, you will have him in the boat. She will not want to leave your side so that she can hear those delicious words that come from the lips of her admirer (I mean in love) about her.

We all like to be admired and told how wonderful we are, do not think that Leo is the only one. What happens is that he knows that it is fantastic and, of course, you have to know it as well and the logical thing is that you verbalize it. That simple

4.As you can see, the man with whom you are in love and who you try to get his attention, is not a humble or modest man. But if he is in love with you, you will be his absolute priority. A Leo in love is like a volcano of passion, you will become his world and he will treat you like a queen. Few women can feel so desired, loved and protected than with a Leo. You are with a fire sign, what did you expect?

Of course, he will ask you the same in return. Absolute dedication, unconditional love and, above all, fidelity. There is nothing worse than a wounded Leo, as his pride has a lot of power. Most likely, he will not forgive an infidelity and will leave you as soon as he finds out.

5.In short, if you want to attract the attention of a Leo, be fun, sociable, friendly, feed his ego with loving words and be faithful, isn”t that complicated, right? Sure that it will be worth it.


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