How to get comfortable with a guy

A natural reaction to meeting someone new of the opposite sex is to feel a little nervous. In many women it happens that they cannot avoid being very nervous when being around a boy, they are invaded by a feeling of anxiety, which combined with a little insecurity can lead to some problems when meeting boys and entering into a relationship.

If you are a painful girl and you don”t know how to feel comfortable with a boy, then continue reading this article where we will give you several tips to achieve a conversation with a boy and put your nerves aside.

Steps to follow:

One.The first thing you should do to combat those nerves that attack you when you are around a boy, is to discuss it with your friends. They will be able to give you a lot of advice based on their personal experiences, from which you can learn a lot, in addition to being an emotional support when starting a conversation with a boy, if they are close to you.

Two.Many girls, when overcome by the nerves that being around a boy produces, tend to think that there is something wrong with them, so they decide to adopt a change in their personality, to appear different to be more attractive, but this is a mistake in which you must avoid falling. Always be yourself, if you pretend to be someone you are not, the safest thing is that you will get more nervous because the lie will cause you more anxiety when interacting with a boy.

3.It is important to also take care of your appearance. The way you look when you”re in front of a guy gives you a double advantage; On the one hand, it will be easier for you to impress the boy, even intimidating him a little and making him feel more nervous than you (this is an advantage, since you will be able to have more control in the situation); On the other hand, looking pretty will give you more confidence, which will make you feel less nervous when being around a boy.

The clothes you should choose should be something that makes you feel comfortable and you feel pretty wearing. If you have a hard time deciding, you can always count on that fashion consultant friend, we all have one. Another way to reduce nerves and feel more comfortable with a guy is to complement your appearance with a pleasant fragrance. Try to use a soft and sweet perfume, but without overdoing it, many times less is more and this is one of those occasions.

4.If you can be close to a boy and feel comfortable, it is important when starting a conversation, maintain a correct posture, that is, you must sit upright and keep your composure. In this way, you will be more confident with yourself and you will be more impactful.

Try to control your nerves if you find yourself assaulted by them at this moment, try to look him in the eye and not look away, because if your goal is to establish a relationship with this boy, distracting yourself or showing yourself very insecure of yourself could have a negative result on your goal.

5.Do not be afraid to show your smile, smile a lot, even if you are nervous (or laugh out loud), but smile naturally. In this way, you will show a pleasant trait of yourself, you will show the boy you are with that you are a fun person and, on your part, you will feel less stressed and nervous.

6.When the conversation starts, the nerves can be very treacherous, causing you to talk too much or to suddenly become speechless. The conversation should happen naturally, it”s fine to have a few rehearsed phrases in advance to break the ice, but don”t spend all your time talking about yourself either.

Respect the moments when he decides to speak and listen to him , you can learn a lot about him if you pay attention and use that knowledge later to ask him questions about his interests. You will see that, little by little, the nerves will go away and you will find yourself comfortably talking to a boy.


  • Keep in mind that feeling nervous is something that happens to all of us, the safest thing is that the boy who is next to you is as nervous as you, so do not be afraid to be the first to speak, remember that everything is fine and nothing bad It can happen just by talking.


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