How to get (and wear) the crown of Untitled Goose Game

We present the ultimate challenge of the popular game of the goose.

Untitled Goose Game is one of those games that can be played at your own pace, without many objectives on the screen, but that does not mean there are no unlockable or missions. In fact, the game rewards the most complete players with a crown that you can wear to the head if you meet certain requirements. Which are?

The first thing you need to do to get the crown is to complete absolutely all the pending tasks on the list (both the initials and those that give you to complete the game) and the time trial challenges. After doing so, go to the initial area of ​​your adventure and you will find the crown in a gift wrap.

You cannot wear it because it is very heavy, but you can get it if you drag it to the garden where there is a woman painting a picture and you follow the same procedure you took to get them to put a tie: drag the goose statue and put on instead. The woman will put the crown on you and you can immortalize the moment to teach everyone that you love to goose.

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