How to gain muscle in the legs

In this Article we explain how to gain muscle in the legs, so if you are looking for tips and exercises to increase legs and grow your body support, do not miss this article.

There are many men who insist on exercising their upper body, muscle and toning the back, biceps, triceps and chest, while leaving the legs aside. Although the results in the torso are much faster and more striking, this training results in disproportionate bodies in the form of an inverted cone. But the legs should not only be muscular from the aesthetic point of view, but also to avoid injuries and so that all muscle groups are balanced. Discover how to increase legs!

Steps to follow:

1. Before explaining which exercises to increase legs are the best, you should be clear that no matter how much you train and crush yourself, if you do not eat a good diet you will use whatever you have sweated, because what you lose for one place you will gain for the other.

To gain muscle in your legs, your body will need you to increase calories and protein so it can grow. However, you should not go over, otherwise you would increase fat instead of muscle.

2. Unlike other muscle groups (such as abs, biceps or pecs), training legs is not something that everyone likes. This is largely due to the fact that the results are not as clear nor are they visualized so quickly, however, an essential first step in order to gain muscle in the legs is to be motivated and not to faint.

That”s why from NERSPORT we advise you to take the measurement of the contour of your legs and the muscles that you go to work before starting each workout. By doing this you can observe how your workouts evolve and, with them, your body. In this way you will make sure that the exercises to increase legs that you are doing really work.

3. Before starting the exercises to gain muscle mass in the legs it is essential to do some stretching to get warm and prepare the body. You can start with something soft, such as jogging for 5 minutes so that the blood irrigates the muscles well and they achieve their maximum power during training.

Once this is done, you can start stretching your legs, something you will also have to do at the end of the training. We leave you these examples:

  • Quadriceps: staying upright, you should take your foot by the instep, bringing it back so that the heel touches you against the buttock. Depending on the degree of inclination of the leg you will notice how one part or another of the quadriceps is stretched.
  • Hamstrings: Try to touch the tips of your feet with your hands while keeping your legs straight and without bending your knees. You can do it both standing and stretched.
  • Knees and ankles: make some rotations in your knees and ankles so they are not cold when you start with the load to gain muscle mass in the legs.

4. If what you want is to gain muscle in the legs, squats are the first exercise you should include in your training routine.

  1. To carry out this exercise you should get upright, with your feet apart at a distance greater than that of your shoulders and slightly flex your legs as if you wanted to sit.
  2. From here, you must go up and down, that is, pretending to sit and get up. Remember that your back should be straight at all times.
  3. At first you must do it little by little, watching that your technique is correct; as you do better, you can accelerate the pace.

Once you master the exercise completely it will be time to add difficulty and burden. Use, for example, dumbbells or a weight bar so that the strength of your muscles is greater. When you can comfortably lift a weight you will have to gradually augment the load, because that way your muscles will not get used to a weight.

If you want exercises to increase the legs that you can do from home, we recommend that you use a backpack full of weight, a few bottles of water or books.

5. The second exercise to gain muscle mass in the legs are lunges, strides or lounges.

  1. To do this exercise you must start standing, separating the legs a little more than the width of your hip.
  2. Once like that, stride forward while inspiring and keeping your back straight. The stride length must be sufficient so that, with the knee bent, the thigh forms a 90 degree angle to the leg, parallel to the ground.
  3. The other leg must not move from the site, yes, it must go down towards the ground.
  4. Return to the starting position by expiring the air that you had previously inhaled.

Once you master the exercise, you can add more load with a bar behind the neck, holding dumbbells with your hands or, as in the previous exercise, with backpacks on the trunk.

6. The last of the exercises for muscular legs that we recommend, more specifically to work the back of the legs (hamstrings), is the Romanian deadlift.

  1. Stand up, holding the bar in front.
  2. Keep your feet slightly more apart than the width of your hips.
  3. Then, lower the bar attached to the body. You should do it by flexing the hip and keeping the knees semi-rigid.
  4. Finally, return to the starting position, all with your back completely straight.


7. Beyond the exercises you do and the food you maintain, you should not forget what the third pillar is to gain muscle mass in your legs: rest. In case you did not know, the muscles do not grow when you exercise them, but they grow while you sleep. So, you should not do this routine two days in a row and, if you want to gain muscle in the legs, you will need to sleep 7 or 8 hours a day.


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