How to fold socks to save space? We tell you

Do you have a lot of socks and need to save space in your drawers? We tell you some techniques to bend them and achieve this goal. Save them efficiently and without taking a long time.

Folding socks is one of the tasks that nobody wants to do, since it is tedious and you rarely have enough space to store these clothes. The good thing is that there are different ways to organize them and that it does not become a nightmare for you. Learn to do this activity the right way, so that you save time and everything looks orderly.

Save time by folding your socks efficiently

It is significant that you know that each type of sock has a way of folding, in order to save time and space. Remember that keeping everything organized is also a way to avoid losing them, something that usually happens frequently.

A good technique is the two-for-one style, placing one sock over the other. Fold both in half and then roll. Place them together in the drawer, in an orderly way and with this you will save a lot of space.

How to fold short socks?

They are very easy to fold, so you won”t waste a lot of time on it. Place one sock over the other, so that they are together in a “T” shape. Then fold in the ends of the horizontally located one.

Finish by folding towards the center and then vertically upwards. Hide the ends inside the elastic of the other sock. In this way everything will be compact and you will achieve an excellent job.

How to fold ankle socks?

Ankle-style socks fold quickly by facing each other horizontally. Then you must drag them together, in order to create a ball. Finish by rolling everything and it will be ready in a very practical way.

This technique is perfect for when you have children at home and many small socks to fold to store.

How to fold long socks?

Long socks can be folded initially by placing one over the other, in the shape of a cross. Then bring each of its ends to the center, from right to left and from bottom to top. Finish by hiding the leftovers on each side and with that everything will be really compact.

Other ways to fold socks quickly

There are other ways to fold socks quickly that are also very efficient. Lay both socks, one over the other, vertically. And then, bend the heel inwards, to later bring the rubber to the center of them.

Make a small packet folded on itself and organize it vertically inside your drawer. This technique also works by keeping the other end of the socks inside the rubber, so that everything is much firmer.

Tips to keep your socks organized

There are some tips that can help you keep your socks in order most of the time. Avoid chaos by taking the following considerations:

  • Sort by color: So you always know which one you want to use and that you can easily find them.
  • Put them away immediately:Take the work of folding them immediately and put them away, when your socks are already dry. In this way the task will be less tedious and you will prevent them from getting lost.
  • Always keep it together: It is good that you use a clip or that you join them by the rubber when washing, so that you do not lose the pairs and you can always have them sorted.

Now that you know how to fold your socks to save space, it”s time to get to work.  By keeping them organized and stored in the right way, they will stay in good condition for longer.

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