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When we want to get closer to the person we like, we feel insecure, we get nervous, we are afraid of looking bad and that the target will flee in terror. Unfortunately, there is no magic manual of the perfect dates, but the specialists have tried to delve into the subject and have reached some useful conclusions to reach our goals when it comes to dating. Love is not an exact science, but it can be easy to flirt and seduce someone if you avoid a series of negative and defeatist behaviors and replace them with more positive, optimistic and cheerful attitudes.

Steps to follow:

One.Our friends can give us advice, but sometimes it may not be accurate. It is common for people who love us to try to prevent us from getting involved in what they consider to be the wrong person, which often causes us to reject dates that might be suitable. The ideal is to listen to the advice they give us and follow our instincts about the possible dating. Only you know what you need and if a certain person is the right one or not.

Love is a matter of two, so it really only matters to you and the other. The one who will finally live that relationship is you, so the most appropriate thing is that you choose with whom you want to share a time of your life. It is important, however, that you take into account deep values ​​in the people who will be the ones who will help the relationship come to fruition.

Two.To succeed in love it is essential to realize that there are many types of people who can be very interesting. It is positive to be tolerant and open ourselves to other profiles different from the usual ones, since there is the possibility that we like them more than we thought at first. If we focus only on one style of people, we eliminate the possibility of meeting others who can provide us with very enriching values.

One of the bases of a good relationship is that your partner is able to teach you things that help you improve as a person. Sometimes when we are overly selective we lose the possibility of finding someone who complements us in a way that we had not anticipated and makes us much happier than we would have expected.

The ability to be surprised is a beautiful quality in love, which enhances our tolerance and personal growth.

3.When we link many negatives or failed relationships, we tend to fall into the error of believing that we are not attractive or that there are no single people in our environment. It is something very common that happens to all of us. Like anything worthwhile, flirting is not an easy task, however, calling ourselves “failures” will only further scare off our future flirts.

Self-esteem is important to have a good disposition when it comes to flirting. Finding the right person is not easy, but if we take a defeatist attitude and focus our lives on their search, we will make a big mistake. Being positive will help us to like others more and will generate a very useful internal confidence when it comes to conquering someone.

Making ourselves the victim the only thing that will cause is the rejection of others. There are many singles looking for love, you just have to know how to find them. If there are no singles in your circle, join a group with whom you share hobbies and feel comfortable. There are multiple groups of this type with which you can expand friendships, have fun and, perhaps, find true love.

4.When flirting, many go to the person they like in an imposed way, trying to show what they are not to interest that flirt. It is something very common, however, it only causes misunderstandings. When we modify who we are, we attract the wrong people, in which case, we are betting on something that can never flourish because it is a lie.

Authenticity is essential to successfully flirt and make the future relationship work, if we are not ourselves, nothing makes sense, since what we all want is to be loved for who we are, not for what the other would like us to be. If they don”t like the way you are, that person is not for you, without more. Don”t dwell on something that will never work. If you are yourself, the person will come who will love you for how you are and what you make them feel. Have a little patience.

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