How to Fire a Co-Worker

When you have work, one of the most feared and suffered things is when they call you to come to the office. In general, it does not usually mean anything good … Who has not immediately imagined when they called you that the conversation was going to be linked to your dismissal?

Well, it can be even worse… when that situation occurs and it turns out that the person in charge of making the layoffs is a co-worker. In addition, to the situation of dismissal, it is done by a person with whom you share a working day and, in addition, a certain camaraderie or even friendship.

When the workplace turns out to be a rather small company or without many workers, on a small scale and without too much budget, the bosses and / or managers (high command) in short, are also in many cases, some more work colleagues. What about this? There is a major drawback, and it comes down to the bad times.

Let”s put ourselves in situation. There is a conflict in the company, the boss is just another co-worker. Or you all work long hours, keep in mind that “that” coworker, in turn, is the boss. It is one thing to have a certain camaraderie with the boss (being a partner) but you must never forget that it is, above all, about that: to be the boss. If certain rules are exceeded, you will ruin everything and it is certain that you end up loading your job.

The best thing to do in these cases is to have a close relationship, without losing your composure, much less respect. Obviously, this must be a mutual thing.

Generally, when the boss becomes a partner and shares as many working hours as any other worker, there is always a certain friendship or trust. This is very good, what better way than to work in good harmony with everyone and go to work every day at ease. But it also has its great drawbacks.

Frictions start as soon as there are bad streaks. For example, orders do not arrive, or meetings do not go as they should, they have to double shifts, work overtime, eternal working hours and with bad humor, friction, bad faces, etc. But it is even worse, when the partner is your boss and, consequently, must make important decisions.

Instructions for firing a co-worker

  1. One of the worst moments comes when it is time to dismiss a worker (partner).
  2. In any other company where the boss only has the role of the boss, that one, the boss, you don”t give it more importance.
  3. Except for your own dismissal from your job, of course … but since there is no friendship, no camaraderie, not even a certain camaraderie, it doesn”t hurt, or annoy, or feel bad.
  4. But things change very much, when your friend and / or partner is, in turn, your boss. The moment to give you the news of your dismissal. How to do it?
  5. It is taken for granted that if you have already made the decision to fire it is because you have carefully weighed the reason and the cause that led you to make such a drastic decision. For this reason, do not forget to take the trouble to make a short speech or to know very well what is going to be said.
  6. It is always better to do it before the workday is over. The sooner it is done, the less painful it will be for both of you. For that reason, nothing better, that, first thing in the working day, the conversation is maintained and carried out.
  7. Did you know that depending on the day it can influence the worker more or less? Some experts advise taking it into account depending on the character of the worker. We tell you. If you have to pour into this situation, you can put it into practice to make it less traumatic for your partner and friend.
  8. If you give the news, for example, at the beginning of the week (Monday) your friend will have time to say goodbye to all his colleagues and take the necessary steps. It is usually recommended for people who are generally calm, have a good mood, are calm, etc.
  9. On the contrary, if the person has a very impulsive character, he may take his dismissal in a bad way or startled, so it is preferable and recommended, to do it on Fridays. It will be the last day of the working day and it will not be necessary for you to go to work, or meet colleagues, you have the weekend ahead, etc.
  10. Of course, he justifies well the reason why the decision to make his dismissal has been made. Keep in mind that you are not only his boss, you are a friend and / or colleague, so you already know him a little or a lot and you know how to justify it, the ways you should use, where to emphasize and where not to do it.
  11. Value everything he has done for the company, the camaraderie, the time he has dedicated to the company, how he has done it, what you stand out for, etc.
  12. When you start the meeting, don”t beat around the bush, but don”t do it like you”re talking to a colleague either. Never. It is a job and, therefore, you must do it with the utmost respect, with the confidence that you can, because in that aspect, you are friends. Don”t do it of course, with anyone else in front of you. They are personal things, they are serious things, it is a bad drink … therefore, always in a room just the two of you. With a person, you, who are the boss, that”s okay?
  13. The meeting should be just that. A work meeting where you must not forget the reason why you have organized it: his dismissal. No more than fifteen minutes. Do not go into nonsense, do not go for issues that are not strictly business, do not use compare, do not make promises that you cannot keep or cheat. If so, you will not only lose a co-worker and a worker from your company, you will also lose a friend.
  14. Don”t try to put yourself in his shoes or say you know what he”s feeling. Lie. You are not in their situation and this could splash you. They are business. And it is known that if you are fired it is because it does not compensate in the company, because it does not do its job well or because perhaps there are business problems such as lack of liquidity (among others) … in this way, do not extend the issue or put flourishes on it. The professional and the personal should not be mixed and, therefore, do not be fooled by crying or reproaches. If you have made the decision, it is because you must do it for the good of your company.

What do you need to fire a co-worker?

  • You need to have discipline.
  • Be responsible, polite and professional.
  • Hold the meeting alone with him.
  • With formality and within fifteen minutes.
  • Give a bit of an argument about why he”s fired and prepare a speech so you don”t get nervous at the last minute and forget what to say.

Tips for firing a co-worker

When the colleague is no longer part of the company, you have to communicate it to the rest of the colleagues so that they know what the new situation is. Do not delay or let time pass. They must know it at the moment. That is, as the boss that you are, you should not answer anyone”s questions. You have made the decision and with that, it should be enough.

It is important to try to separate the professional from the personal, not to mix it up so that there are no problems once the employment contract is over.

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