How to eat to build muscle mass

Summer is coming and many of us are interested in improving our physical appearance. Underlining that this task should be taken into account throughout the year, we are going to give a series of tips for those who are interested in improving their diet to develop muscle mass. Of course, here we recommend that if you suffer from a health problem or want to follow the diet for a long time, check with your family doctor first.

Steps to follow:

1. As in almost all eating guidelines, it should be noted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, also for building muscle mass. You have to eat a lot of carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats, such as our valued olive oil.

2. You should not go all morning without eating until it is time for the noon meal. Thus, three hours after breakfast, you have to take a new intake. Ideally, to increase our muscles is to continue with protein, in this case purchased in powder or supplement form. In case you prefer something more natural, you can substitute it for cottage cheese, which is low in fat, or a few slices of turkey. Complete the snack with skim milk and some fruit.

3. When it is time for lunch, it is advisable to do it about three hours before we proceed to perform the essential physical exercise to achieve our goal of increasing muscle mass. Once again, protein should be our main dish, combined with some fat and fruit.

4. After having trained, better without letting a long-time pass, we must make a small snack that we can consider recovery after the wear and tear of physical exercise. We must again use the protein powder, or an equivalent that could be some lean meat and cheese, accompanied by a juice to our liking.

5. As you may have counted, we have already had four meals and, at this point, we made it to dinner. Here, we will change the protein for nutrients and, regarding the amount, we will take into account that we will still have to make another small intake before going to sleep. A dinner model could be a chicken meat fillet, accompanied by some vegetables and a little rice. For dessert, fruit.

6. And before going to rest the last snack. Its functionality is to achieve that, while we rest, our body builds muscle mass. Dairy products like yogurt or low-fat cheese are best. To compensate, a handful of nuts. As is logical, the amounts must be very low, because it is not advisable to go to bed with a too full stomach.

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