How to eat properly to lose weight

Modern Western culture has distorted the innate act of eating sensibly, due to its enormous abundance of food. Of course, the presence of a culture capable of feeding all its citizens is comforting, but along with that comes obesity and disease.

Read on to learn tricks and secrets for eating properly and maintaining a healthy body.

What is hunger?

Knowing what hunger feels like takes some practice. Being hungry is a feeling of need for food, any food, in the pit of your stomach. Hunger does not appear when you think: “Ops, I have not eaten anything for 3 hours”, hunger appears when you need food to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

Brake when you”re satisfied

Don”t you hate when you feel like your stomach is full? This is a sign that you have made a mistake in the way you just ate. When you finish eating, your stomach shouldn”t feel empty, but it shouldn”t feel completely full either.

You need to learn to get into the habit of eating slowly so that you can stop when you are satisfied, not full. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to pick up the signal from the body that says “I”m not hungry anymore.”

Eat only when you are hungry

Our hunger appears at 12:00 pm, and at 9:00 pm. While it is a good general time to eat, remember that no one forces you to eat if you are not hungry yet. Also, if you”re hungry between meals, go ahead and make a healthy snack.

It is not good to starve yourself between meals, and if you allow it, when the food arrives you will devour it. It”s all about listening to your body.

Another thing to remember is that by eating a little every time you are hungry all day, you should not eat as much at meals, as you will not be as hungry. If you follow this suggestion, but continue to eat the same amount as before, you will only end up gaining weight.

Serving size

In general, we serve each other food as if we are afraid it will be the last. It is proven and accepted that portion sizes have doubled in the last 50 years.

Remember that the stomach is the size of your fist. Don”t expect to overfill it without negative consequences. Something that many people do not know is that their stomach stretches when they are used to eating a lot.

If you only eat small amounts of food at a time, keeping a small stomach, the feeling of fullness will not be so harsh.

Pour yourself a small portion of food on your plate, and when you”re done with that, wait about 10 minutes to see if you”re satisfied. If you”re really hungry after that time, help yourself a little more. However, if you wait 20 minutes for the signal to reach your brain, you will find that you are not really hungry anymore.

 Is the amount you eat

For some people it may be easier to have an adequate amount of food, dividing the meals into numerous small snacks throughout the day. Others may choose to eat the entire meal twice or even one large meal. The choice is irrelevant to overall health, all that matters is the total food consumed. Do what is easiest for you, and it will be easier to meet the goal of eating better.


Eat breakfast every day. This is how your metabolism starts early in the morning (as it slows down at night because you don”t eat while you sleep). It also helps you focus better throughout the day.

Not fantasize

It is a proven fact that television makes you want to eat more. It”s because of all those mouthwatering ads with close-ups of perfectly prepared foods. Don”t see this; it makes the stomach think only of food.

Also, don”t think about how good it would be to eat a giant ice cream cone.

You just have to eliminate the fantasies from your mind and think about something else, and then you will not want that much. Or, think about how good fresh strawberries taste.


It is a good idea to drink water, or tea whenever possible; or diet soda ultimately. Sugary drinks and juices can have hundreds of calories, and they don”t make you feel fuller. Sodas versus water have no chance.

Eat slowly

Chew your food thoroughly until it is pureed. You cannot take larger bites that are a reasonable amount to chew on.

Give your system”s digestive and hormonal processes time, which will then send the signal that reaches the hypothalamus in the brain. Eating slowly helps to maintain the amount of food you are going to consume. It also prevents you from choking, and gives you more time to accurately reflect on whether or not your stomach feels full.

Drink lots of water every day

This is very important. You may think you are hungry, when in reality, you are thirsty.

It also makes the liver and kidneys work better. Try adding a slice of lemon, lime, or orange to spice up the water if it bores you.

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