How to dress like Lana del Rey

The popular singer Lana Del Rey has stomped into the world of fashion, creating a very personal and characteristic style that mixes a sixties look with “it”. Such has been its repercussion that it has launched a clothing line for the popular H&M store. Here we show you how to dress like Lana Del Rey.

Steps to follow:

One.Short dresses. Dressing like Lana Del Rey is simple if you are passionate about short dresses with a lady look and the color white. You can try her particular style, the total white, which consists of wearing the white dress with all its accessories completely in white. Elegant and simple, perfect for any slightly formal occasion.

Two.Footwear. Lana Del Rey stands out for her dancers. Especially the simple ones that have some detail that differentiates them. You can imitate their shoes with ballerinas in a sober and elegant color, such as black or ecru adorned with studs or with some lace motif. She is also passionate about closed and high-heeled shoes, keeping the same seriousness as ballerinas. It is about looking for an elegant and original footwear.

3.Flower prints. On shirts, pants, socks or dresses. You should know that he is passionate about this type of print. To dress like Lana Del Rey you can try what she usually does, which is to mix them with some simple garment of a single color so that the floral motif stands out. Dare with this casual look!

4.Handbags. Large and short-handled. Lana already has a bag with her name on it, it”s called “Del Rey” and it”s sold by Mulberry. You can wear it in different colors, Lana has them all and combines it with her addiction to white. It can be the perfect complement if you decide on the total white look. If you opt for the caramel color you can use it for day to day.

5.White shirts. In silk, lace, with transparencies or with peplum, Lana likes white and uses it in many of her looks. As we have already mentioned before, you can combine it with any garment with a flowery print. Dressing like Lana Del Rey is easy, you just have to take advantage of all the white garments in our closet.

6.Hair Lana sports long, smooth hair with volume. It is usually worn loose, but sometimes it is adorned with a floral accessory, a hairpin or a flower crown, something very simple that you can also do. In addition, the back is usually raised to give a feeling of volume, a perfect look if you have a long hair like hers.

7.Complements. Rings and necklaces especially. They are usually gold or silver and usually have some floral decoration. It is important that you keep Lana”s look sober and elegant, so if you want to dress like her, don”t abuse the accessories.

8.The singer is a very innovative person aesthetically, so if you like her style and want to achieve her look, you can search in magazines or on Internet blogs for the latest models that she has used to guide you.

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