How to dress for a casual dinner

Many times we are invited to a lot of events and we do not know exactly how we should dress, which generates doubts and the fear that when we get there we will not be in accordance with what is going to be celebrated. Well, in this article we are going to explain everything about how to dress for an informal dinner, since they are usually those who have been invited by people with whom you have a good relationship but who are not intimate, or simply have An invitation for that event has arrived and you don”t know what to wear for an informal dinner. Take note!

Dress code in the invitation to an informal dinner

If you have been sent an invitation, the first thing to do is check if there is a dress code or dress code described in it. Although, normally, invitations to this type of event do not usually put anything about it or, at most, indicate “no etiquette is required” or “gentlemen are required to wear dark suits”, but in the case of women it usually be unspecified. In the event that there is a dress code, it is necessary to follow it if we want to fit into the informal dinner style.

Dresses or two-piece set for a casual dinner

It will be enough to wear a long dress, which is not excessively luxurious, so avoid a lot of rhinestones, sequins and the like. A black suit with a crepe semi-neckline will look great on you. There are some designers who have short evening dresses specially made for this occasion, so take a look at your favorite designers to see if they have them.

Another option that is accepted is to wear a set of pants and a jacket that is somewhat elegant, but not too much, it will fit you very well and it is also a success. On the other hand, if the informal dinner is with friends with whom you have a lot of confidence, then you can simply go dressed as always when you meet them.

Accessories for a casual dinner look

As for jewelry and accessories, wear a few but are of quality, of course, taking into account that it is not a gala dinner, so you do not need to wear marquise jewelry, since with a normal dress and being something informal will not suit you at all. It is a very frequent mistake that many women usually make, since they think that this way they gain elegance, when in reality they lose it.

The shoes are preferable that are high heels, although depending on the chosen dress you can opt for a medium heel shoe. The bag that is small and hand, preferably metallic or tortoiseshell. Also simple, in line with the rest of the wardrobe. Finally, choose a makeup that is soft but intense, that gives you a luminous look but without looking like you are going to the Oscars.


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