How to do the preparation before the job interview

If you have been called to arrange a job interview, you should know that the main rule is to be natural. Although you should also know that everyone prepares before attending the interview. We want to help you in your job search, so we want to give you a few clues about How to do the preparation before the job interview.

Steps to follow:

1.Before going to a job interview it is important that you inform yourself well about the company and the job you are opting for. The question of the reason why you are interested in your company or in that position is one that will be fixed. Try to save her with a little left hand and without flattering in excess the virtues of the company, since the excess of adulation does not usually like the interviewers and you will generate a climate of distrust.

2.It would be good if you practiced these questions and their possible answers a lot. This will help you internalize it and you will lose the fear and excessive insecurity, which can make you fall into silly mistakes or involuntary contradictions. If you can and have several interviews in sight, specify dates first for those that interest you least, so you can practice and go more quiet to those that really are your goal.

3.Visualize yourself during the job interview. Take an active attitude to be attentive to the interviewer. Ask yourself on a paper the questions that should be resolved in the job interview: about the position, the functions, the company … All the areas that you consider appropriate. If during the interview, the recruiter leaves some, you will have it in his memory so that he can solve it.
In the interview, time is money, so it is good that you prepare the topics you are going to talk about during a reasonable time. Within your training, experience and attitudes or hobbies, value that it is the most interesting for that job and turn the whole argument around it. Being brief does not mean that you respond with monosyllables.
5.That is why it is important that before the interview you review your CV and reflections on what are your strengths and weaknesses to try to exploit everything that will give a good image of you. You must learn your CV by heart because many interviewers use it to make you fall into contradictions.

6.Have prepared good arguments since they will ask you why almost everything. The reason that you left a year blank, that you went from Erasmus to a certain country and not to another, that you chose to continue training, that you left a job … Whenever you are asked about other companies where you have worked, try argue your exits without making negative comments.
• Everything you think in advance will be beneficial to you on the day of the interview.

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