How to Do Pendlay Rowing – The Great Exercise For Your Back

A thick and strong back makes anyone look powerful and strong.

A good upper back of your body can break and stand out in a physique immediately, that”s why we show the pendlay rowing exercise to get a great back.

There are a dozen problems with conventional barbell paddles, including the fact that it is very easy to cheat while performing.

What is Remo Pendlay

This exercise is rapidly gaining popularity as more people use it.

Pendlay oars will not only protect the lower back from pain, but will also increase mass and overall muscle strength.

How to do Remo Pendlay

Pendlay”s oars have been around for a while and it”s something that Arnold Schwarzenegger was always using for his back exercises.

It is similar to “traditional” rowing but is performed from a dead stop position (from the floor) like deadlifts.

It is often not part of the programs you will find in magazines, but rest assured that it is recommended by some of the best Olympic lift coaches (Glenn Pendlay) as well as by some of the best power lifters (Mark Philippi and Ed Coan).

This exercise will increase your barbell lifts or starts, deadlifts, and even squats.

As your overall strength improves, this will strengthen and thicken your back and teach you to keep your back arched and taut. The technique is quite simple but the climb is difficult.

Start with a lighter weight than you would use for regular oars. It is a climb that is used in one pull, resting for a second and repeating it.

The bar should rest on the floor between each repetition. Your grip should loosen a bit before retightening again for the next repetition.

The time under tension may not be the same as the traditional time, but with this exercise you will gain some strength and muscle.

Traditional technique of Rowing Pendlay

Dorian Yates was one of the best champions ever, but the exercise he popularized is not exactly the best.

Range and plane of movement is crucial to the success of muscle gains.

But at the 45 degree angle Yates paddle has, the trunk support is too much for the contraction base.

Sure you can row with more weight, but the bibs will not be fully occupied.

Imagine doing more weight for your legs or bench press, but with only half the shape or technique.

Correct position

Rowing should be done in a position parallel to the floor with your knees slightly bent.

This will remove tension in the lower back. This position will reduce trunk support and overload the back muscles.

To make it even better, you can row from an elevated position so that the bar touches your toes.

This will increase the stretching of the muscle fibers. This is a very important key for you to be successful with your paddle.

Attach it to your mirror or bar, keep your elbows slightly bent.

NEVER block them because then your bicep muscles will take the load of the initial pull of the movement.

Reverse grip will increase the use of the biceps muscles. This is how Dorian broke his muscles, so stick with the pronation grip.

The Back Arch

By now you have learned the correct form of the barbell row and the full involvement of the lateral muscles.

The “back arch” can be very tricky when doing this is recommended for each exercise.

Powerlifters are told to arch their backs, but there is no way to see any arches as their spinal erectors will be enormous in size and thickness.

Pick someone who can do yoga and has been doing it for years, there is no point in telling them to arch their back as they can do all kinds of back movements.

The safest way is to simply activate your lower back, maintain a neutral spine, and avoid having your chin toward the ceiling.

Keep your eyes on the floor or slightly up.

Back elbows

Once you have a firm, flat and neutral back, you are ready to make some profit on the bibs.

Pull the bar up to the top of your abs or the bottom of your chest. The bar must be pulled with your elbows (this is the key).

This is an important part because many people are wrong in this part. “I can”t feel it on my back, just my arms.”

You must pull well with your elbows and lead with them. It can be very tempting to cheat once you gain weight, but this will become a back extension exercise.

This exercise must be kept strictly technical and must be extremely difficult.

Even if you feel like cheating, resist the urge and let yourself fight for the last few inches of the replay.

If it”s difficult try this

When you”re having trouble with the last few reps, bring your shoulder blades together and really feel it on your lats. Imagine that you get a pencil between your back and you try to squeeze it.

If you don”t emphasize the compression phase, you will lose more than half of the muscle and strength increases in your back.

Force yourself to stay in position and visualize yourself before performing your series. Make sure you start without any weight so you can master the exercise.

You are here to build muscle, not ego.

You will soon find yourself walking with a back so strong and thick that you will wonder why more and more people do not do this exercise.

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