How to do dumbbell exercises

The dumbbells are great allies to perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of our arms, but also to work the upper back and chest. An important point to which we must pay attention is the graduation of the weight, since if we put too much, we run the risk of loading the muscles and even injuring ourselves. So that you can make the most of its possibilities, here we explain how to do dumbbell exercises.

Steps to follow:

1. The first of all is to assess whether we are going to get fixed or adjustable weight dumbbells. If we are starting, it is better to choose this last option since we will start with little weight until we gain shape to be able to use more force.

2. An exercise to do with dumbbells and strengthen the shoulders consists of, sitting on a chair and with a straight back, raising the arms, bent and with the elbows in line with the shoulders. Once they are well positioned, the movement will consist of raising the dumbbells as much as possible, and then returning to the starting position.

3. The dumbbells also allow us to work the lats of the back. If we do the exercises in a gym, we can use a bench, if we do them at home, we will use a similar element, which is hard and not very high.

We have to stand with one leg bent on the bench or similar and the hand on the same side, also supported. In the other hand, with the arm stretched perpendicular to the ground, we will have the dumbbell, while the knee will be on the ground, with the leg bent.

Then, we raise the arm in which we have the dumbbell, until the limb forms a right angle. Next, we repeat the exercise, positioning ourselves in reverse, to work the lats on the other side of the back.

4. To work the pectorals and the back of the arms, we will use a single dumbbell, which we will hold with both hands at the same time. We will also need the help of the bank. To perform this exercise, we sit on the floor and stretch our back and arms overhead backwards. We will support the upper part of the back on the bench. The exercise consists of bringing the dumbbell up to your chest and then returning it to where you started.

5. very simple dumbbell exercise to work your upper arms is to hold a dumbbell in each hand, standing with your arms stretched across your body, in their natural position. Alternately, we are raising each arm, until it makes a right angle with the rest of the body.

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