How to do dumbbell exercises for the back

The dumbbells have many utilities and one of them is to help strengthen the back muscle groups. Combining the proper form and doing repetitions of the exercises that we propose, you keep your back healthy and strong, without risk of injury. Of course, you have to pay attention when executing activities so that the effect is not the opposite. Here we explain how to exercise with dumbbells for the back.

Steps to follow:

1. You should stand up, with your legs slightly bent and your trunk tilted forward. Begin the exercise with your arms outstretched and a dumbbell in each hand. Then, flex your arms so that you bring the dumbbells close to your chest and return to the starting position.

2. In this other exercise parts of a fully upright posture and arms stretched, carrying a dumbbell in each hand.

Then, you should bend your legs so that you bring the dumbbells close to your feet, to get back up next. You have to control the balance so as not to fall.

3.At this point you only work with a dumbbell. Begin by carrying it on the right hand, with the erect posture and legs slightly apart, but without flexing. Then, bring the dumbbell closer to the opposite foot, that is, to the left, and get back up.

Do repetitions and then reverse the position: dumbbell in left hand against right leg.

4. These dumbbell exercises are very effective in strengthening the muscles of the back. However, if you do not perform them correctly, you can get injured, so watch this aspect and if you notice any pain.

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