How to define cheekbones

One of the facial features that most embellishes a woman”s face are, without a doubt, well-defined and well-defined cheekbones. They manage to stylize and sharpen the face, give a more elegant and sensual image, in addition to making the face of features look much more attractive. There are countless makeup techniques that can help us enhance the shape of the cheeks and in this article we have collected them all, from the simplest to the most elaborate as the famous contouring technique. Continue reading to know how to define the cheekbones and you will also discover what the best facial exercises are for it.

Steps to follow:

1.As we have said, makeup is our best ally to highlight cheekbones and give the face a much more stylized, beautiful and sensual appearance. In the following steps we are going to reveal the best makeup tricks to give definition to the cheek area, but before it is important that we focus on the proper preparation of the skin. This is a step that you should not skip if you want the makeup to remain intact for many hours.

It is very simple, you just have to wash your face with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type and then apply a moisturizer. The latter is essential to prevent the skin from absorbing makeup, drying out and looking dull in a matter of minutes.

2.After applying the foundation evenly all over your face and sealing it with a light coat of translucent powder, you can try the following makeup trick to define your cheekbones and mark your facial features. It consists of the combination of two different blushes, one dark and the other lighter to add depth and volume to the area.

Follow the next steps to do it correctly:

  • First, you need to locate the cheekbone. To do this, make the grimace of a fish face and suck your cheeks internally.
  • When you have identified it, with a brush, you should mark it with the darker blush, which can be in strong brown tones. You have to draw a vertical line under the cheekbone that goes from the area where the cheek sinks to where the cheekbone ends, towards the temple.
  • Blur the line you just marked with a brush so that it blends in with your skin color. You will see how the face looks much more refined with this simple step.
  • Then, you will have to apply just on the cheekbone the lightest blush by ascending strokes towards the temple. It is important that this blush is a suitable color for your skin tone, since otherwise you could wear an artificial and unflattering makeup.


3.With the previous trick, the result will be a more defined and stylized face, but we also help you achieve a little more volume by using a cosmetic as special as the illumination. This will add a touch of light that will allow you to further highlight the cheekbones and give them a super natural lifted effect.

Apply a small amount of highlighter just on the upper part of the cheekbones, that is, in the highest area and gently blend with your fingers until it completely fuses with the skin.

4.To contour the face and enhance facial features, a darker shade than skin is always applied to the cheekbones. Therefore, another of the best cosmetics to highlight the cheeks are bronzing powders. It is best to use a matte bronzing powder and apply it with a brush just below the cheekbones; it will create a kind of shadow that will give the area more depth and, consequently, the cheeks will be more accentuated.

Be very careful not to overdo the amount of bronze that you apply, since in an exaggerated way it will give you a very artificial appearance.

5.For those girls who have more time to make up and want to try a more laborious technique, we propose the contouring made with two checkers (dark and light), and a translucent powder blush. This method that became a big trend manages to stylize and mark the features of the face through a combination of dark and light tones in a really surprising way.

The key steps to contouring are:

  • Apply a primer or primer and then the foundation over the entire face.
  • Apply a concealer 3 shades darker than your skin color in the following points: under the cheekbones towards the temples, the contour of the jaw, in the upper part of the forehead, in the temples, in the nostrils and in the line of the eye socket.
  • Apply a concealer 3 shades lighter than the color of the skin: the center of the forehead, the septum of the nose, above the bone of the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrow, the part that has been left without makeup between the cheekbone and the mandible, below the malarial and in the nonagenarian calculus.
  • Apply a little pink blush on the cheeks towards the temple.
  • Blend the two concealers with a brush so that they integrate with each other and blend with the skin.
  • Seal with a layer of translucent powder.

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