How to defend yourself from a frontal attack

Self- defense is a series of techniques that help people stop an offensive action on the part of another. We are currently living in an era where violence is very common. Assaults, street vandalism, irresponsibility, racism, rapes have multiplied and we are all affected. This situation forces us to be prepared to face any kind of physical aggression. We must avoid showing vulnerability. This is very important for women, children and the elderly who are the most exposed, they are generally considered weaker or defenseless.

Steps to follow:

1. The practice will help a lot. It is important that when you practice, do it with great caution. But at the same time it is important that you do it with force, since when they attack you they will not be delicate.

2. When an aggressor attacks you from the front by putting his hands on your shoulders, avoid getting nervous and panicking, since the aggressor can use this in his favor.

3. Take your right hand with your right hand without removing it from your shoulder and try to put your right elbow on the arm joint.

4. Put the left palm on the right elbow of your aggressor, and position the right elbow in the joint. Lever to the right to let go.

5. You can continue to hold the right arm and turn the aggressor. In order to escape.


  • The main objective is to escape, do not try to attack your aggressor.
  • It is important to avoid fights, beyond which they are often unavoidable.
  • Be alert at all times, and to a greater extent when you walk alone.
  • Do not frequent places of low light or little traffic.
  • Do not contact strangers, or if you do it with the greatest possible precaution.
  • Avoid carrying belongings in hands.
  • Carry help numbers on the cell phone.

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