How to decorate a wall with mirrors

Vintage, geometric, baroque, modern, creative, solitary, multiple … Mirrors have become decorative elements that can highlight and enhance many spaces in your home. Originally, they were built as symbols of beauty and magic, since they were capable of reflecting reality. Today, thanks to industrial evolution, interior design has been revolutionized thanks to the multiple mirrors designs that we find on the market. Discover a world of decorative possibilities. This time you will learn how to decorate a wall with mirrors. Take note and revolutionize the spaces in your home with a little creativity and style.

Mirrored walls: large format

Currently, in the world of decoration, large-format mirrors are used when dressing a wall. This is one of the most aesthetic ways that will give your spaces greater amplitude and beauty. To do this, you will need mirrors of XL sizes, which you can take advantage of. Try hanging it directly on an empty wall or resting it on the floor. Go for old or coated silver frames or opt for a mirror framed in beautiful wood, which will give it a rustic touch. The mirrors in a giant format will add presence and elegance to any room in your home. They are ideal for hall, bedroom or living room.

Mirrored walls: living room – dining room

One of the spaces where mirror decoration has become more fashionable is in the living room, as it brings personality and elegance to the room. We advise you to place a mirror behind the sofa, either hanging on the wall or resting from the ground. You can choose a large piece, classic style or break the harmony and bet on a set of mirrors (two, grid or more …).

On the other hand, one of the most imperial areas is the dining room, so enhancing the area with a beautiful mirror will give it presence and personality. This is one of the most typical options that have been carried out in the world of decoration with mirrors, but it is still strong. Hang the mirror on the dining room wall, either to the side or just behind the head-of-the-table position. It will be perfect!

Mirrored walls: room

Square, round, rectangular, multiple, retro, vintage, modern … How many options to decorate the head of your bed with a mirror! If you want to give a special and different touch to your room, this wall is perfect. You can also bet on the opposite wall to give this room a more exotic or romantic touch. Play with different styles and find what best suits your room. The wall and the mirror will do the rest.

If you have a dressing table in your room, you can”t miss a nice and functional mirror. If you only want the decoration of this space to have a small detail like a mirror, placing it on the wall of the dressing table or on one of the bedside tables is the best option. You will be able to give your room a cozy and classic touch that will make you fall in love. And if what you want is a creative option, be sure to consult our article on how to make mirrors with rackets.

Mirrored walls: hall

The entrance or hall of your home is one of the spaces where most mirrors are placed. In the first place because it is very functional, that is, you can take one last look before leaving home and check that you are ideal or give yourself a final touch-up, and it is also very aesthetic and beautiful. Whether classic or modern, the mirror will be the perfect complement to welcome us home. It will look great!

Mirrored walls: bathroom

The bathroom is the king space of the mirror. That is where it reaches its functionality in all its expression. Make up, shave, comb your hair, retouch … How many things we do in front of a mirror to look perfect! However, thanks to the revolution of interior design and the decorative industry, you can get the most out of the king of the house. Go for a classic mirror or a modern one with built-in lights. It can be small or large; simple or baroque; a single piece or for two, depending on the layout of your bathroom. Be creative and make the most of your bathroom mirror, the king of space in your home.

Mirrored walls: kitchen

It is not very common to find a mirror in the kitchen, but it is not a bad option and it is becoming more and more fashionable. Give a 360 degree turn to the decoration of this space and incorporate a fun mirror on one of the walls. It will be spectacular to place a mirror along the wall that runs through the kitchen and cooking area. And if you have an island in the kitchen, bet on one of its external sides to incorporate a wonderful mirror. Of course, remember that not just any mirror will do for the kitchen. It must have a special coating to withstand the temperatures that are reached while cooking.

Find your mirror, put your imagination and enthusiasm in it and make the decoration of your home even more personal and spectacular.

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