How to create the best post titles

The titles for post represent one of the most important elements for visitors, followers and even conversions on our blog.

To create the best possible post titles you only need one thing, creativity. How easy! truth? Well, no, it is not so easy to find creativity when it is most needed and sometimes it is not even as effective as we think.

A good post title can skyrocket your CTR and give your articles a head start on the SERPs.

The good news is that the internet has already given many content creators enough experience to really know how to create the best post titles.

In this article I share with you the tips and tricks that will help you the most in this goal.

Optimize the title for SEO

The SEO positioning is always important to get visits. In fact, the best post titles are the ones that are most optimized. It is of little use to write an article of 3000 words or with the perfect length if your headline is not attractive enough.

Here are some SEO tips for the perfect title:

  • Put the keyword at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Create a short and striking title, respecting the limitation of the search engine.
  • Combine the keyword with an imperative verb.
  • When in doubt, always choose the keyword plural.

Call the user”s interest

Before creating post titles, put yourself in the role of the user. Do you think that the title you have created would seem interesting enough to click?

If you have the slightest doubt, surely other users have even more. Correct it and focus on a much more interesting formula. Look for the call to be striking, viral or that responds to their interests.

Solve frequently asked questions

Did you know that most users go to Google to answer their questions about a specific topic? Did you know that many of these doubts are repeated between different users?

You can work your website as the best but if you do not answer the questions of your users, there is no answer to the search intention, your post will fall into the oblivion box.

For this reason, you have to make your titles reveal that they will find what they are looking for, watch the titles and subtitles.

Knowing the frequently asked questions that users ask the most can help you create the best titles for your blog post. You just have to raise them directly in the title and, of course, write a content that serves to really solve the question.

Analyze your followers, their likes

If you want to create the best titles in a post, you have to study your statistics system thoroughly. One of the most appropriate resources is to study the keywords that users put in the web search engine.

If you lack the content they”re looking for, you already know where to direct headlines and what to write about.

Likewise, it is important to know the tastes of the users. An online market study will allow you to know the topics that are most interesting to them and that, of course, you should include in your titles.

If it is not enough that you analyze what your top 40 are and see what patterns are repeated in them.

Create post titles with profitable formulas

Experience is a degree! Over time I have been able to verify the post title formulas that work the most.

There are countless of them, but I am going to compile some of the ones that will give you the best results:

  • Here”s how “keyword”
  • How to make “keyword”
  • Tips for “keyword”
  • The definitive / The best “keyword”
  • The best “keyword”
  • “Keyword”: Everything you need to know
  • What is / What does “keyword” mean
  • Types of “keyword”
  • What you need to know about “keyword”
  • You will not be able to live without a “keyword”
  • What I have learned from “keyword”
  • “Keyword” that saved my “life, business, job, family”

Create numberings and lists

Another of the most effective tricks to create post titles is to include a numbering. Users thus recognize the limitation of the content and are more encouraged to visit it, because they know that it is not something endless or difficult to read.

Keep in mind that in most cases with these titles, you are only going to read the numberings first, so each of them should be attractive as well.

There are many formulas that serve in this strategy. As a general rule, the number 5 and the number 10 are the most recommended. For instance:

  • The 10 definitive diets to lose weight.
  • The 5 most important moments in your life.

Tools, guides and applications in post titles

Over the years, technology has led to changes in user searches. The applications, explanations about tools and guides in general, are usually the contents that can offer the highest profitability in a blog or a specialized website.

Use these keywords in conjunction with previous strategies and you will get the best post titles:

  • The 10 best tools to…
  • Complete guide to take advantage of your…
  • Applications for “keyword”: The best on the market

Tools for creating titles and headings

There are title generators that can help you, I give you some names to look at because they save a lot of time.


It is my favorite, because it is very useful to see what your audience is asking, also visually it is tremendous and it helps you get good ideas and catch trends.


Being from Hubspot it cannot be bad, it allows you to add 3 terms and generates interesting titles, it is very comfortable and easy to use, it is in English but it gives good support.

General advice

Any of the above strategies will help you create attractive post titles. Here are some general tips, which can help you further motivate your creativity:

  • Appeal to the reader to further motivate their interest.
  • Take advantage of humor to make it more interesting.
  • Create expectation, do not reveal everything in a single title.
  • Don”t be repetitive, change the formula every time.
  • Think about how the title will look when you share it on social networks.
  • If you can include the year, it is used a lot in searches.
  • Create a sense of urgency, if they don”t read it they will already be out of date, or it is urgent.

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