How to combine the plaid pattern

The checkered pattern never completely disappears from our lives. Even at times when it is not a trend, it is always possible to find a garment that incorporates it. However, in recent seasons, it has once again become one of the reference prints to be up to date. In this article we explain how to combine the checkered pattern.

Steps to follow:

1. The garments stamped not usually get along with other prints and also with those of the same family if they are not well chosen. Avoid mixing plaid with polka dots or stripes and do not combine plaid pattern with a different plaid pattern.

2. Likewise, it is not highly recommended to opt for a total look. If you have opted for a plaid garment, do not wear it with another garment that has the same plaid.

3. Play with the colors that dominate the pictures when choosing the tones of the other garments that you are going to combine. For example, blue squares can work well with a garment of the same color or with one that fits that color range.

4. The checkered pattern is also one of the best works to create outfits with a certain theme inspiration. Green or blue checks are often reminiscent of school uniforms, so you can mix them with round-toed shoes and wool cardigans.

5. The plaids are also very identifiable and are very fashionable this season. The tartan has made a strong comeback and has found its way into skirts, pants and other garments. You do not have to opt for a British look just to wear one of these garments, although the truth is that this type of pictures usually works very well in looks with trench coats or with tailored jackets that are reminiscent of British films of manor houses in the field.

6. If you”re looking to go for a look more or less relaxed or casual, you can combine your pictures garments, such as a skirt, with other more common in this type of outfits such as shirts or denim shirts.

7. And if you are looking for inspiration to specifically dress a shirt, take a look at how to combine a plaid shirt.

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