How to combine a kimono

Do you like oriental touches and Japanese-inspired fashion? Japan was already fashion in the times of our great-great-grandmothers and, since then, Japanese-style garments have not stopped being fashionable. The kimono jackets are one of those basic seasons after season appearing in fashion shops and, although very nice, make us wonder how to dress. Don”t worry, here we give you several recommendations on how to combine a kimono.

Steps to follow:

1. Don”t be afraid to jump into a kimono. You are not going to buy a traditional Japanese kimono, but a more modern and combinable version that will look great in your outfits.

2. The celebrities are enthusiasts of kimono jackets, so surely you have seen this garment in hundreds of photos in magazines. It is normal that they like it so much! The fabric of the kimono jackets is super light and therefore perfect even for summer days.

3. The kimono jackets do not usually get below the hip, although they are always more or less extensive. That is, you can combine them playing with volumes and dress them with shorts or a short skirt.

4. You can also use your kimono jackets in your outfits with pants, especially if you opt for fitted ones such as skinny jeans.

5. Combining a kimono with a dress is a more complicated option, because you have to make the volumes fit. You can wear it with a lingerie air dress for a boho chic look or choose to make them match thanks to the colors.

6. When dressing, you can choose to wear it loose for a more relaxed and casual look, or mark the waist with a belt if it is fabric or a loop get an outfit more Oriental- for a look more elegant and chicer.

7. On what shoes to wear with a kimono jacket, here you will have to choose based on your look in general. Fashion bloggers opt for practically any shoe, from flat sandals in less formal outfits to high-heeled shoes in the most elegant.

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