How to breathe while running

Breathing during exercise is essential and we usually do it wrong. Follow these steps and you will find the right rhythm of breathing in motion.

After warming up, start running at the pace you have set, and synchronize your breathing with the steps: inspire for two steps in a row and exhale in the following. The ideal is to inspire through the nose, but if you are a beginner, at the moment you can help with the mouth.
When you master this, you can accelerate the pace and inspire in three strides and exhale in the next three. Go comparing the sensations and see how you feel more comfortable.
When you”ve become familiar with the rhythm, try climbing a hill. Surely your strides will slow down, and you should do the same with breathing: inspire and exhale deeper.
Then lower the slope: you will stride faster, and you can inspire in four strides and breathe in the next four.
Try not to disconnect from breathing and breathe with the diaphragm, that is, take the air to the abdomen, even if at first it costs you.

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