How to be successful with men

There are many women with the gift of attracting and choosing between several men to date without the need for any defined attraction technique or strategy. On the other hand, for many others this task is not so simple or magical, but the way to attract the opposite sex is a mystery to them. Human relationships being something fascinating, here we have proposed to teach you how to be successful with men, interpreting the attraction signals that they send and also yourself to send the correct messages to attract that boy of your dreams.

Introverted or extroverted?

For some women it is easier to be outgoing and daring, so starting a conversation with a man seems very natural for them. And men are usually attracted to women like that, without the need for them to be miss universe, just having an attractive personality is enough. Maybe you are a little more introverted and starting a conversation in this way seems like a distant thing to you, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

This point is a bit complex, since as the saying goes “to taste the colors”, and not because you are an introverted woman will you have less success with men. Strategy comes into play here, a shy girl will be much less successful in a nightclub or in a place where men are most likely just looking to have a good time, while outgoing girls are more likely to draw attention to themselves. These places.

If you are an introvert, the best terrain to meet men are quiet places such as squares, coffee shops or slightly more public places. You can also make use of technology as your ally, using social networks or mobile applications, ideal to start a conversation and thus avoiding the fear or nerves of face to face.

Interpret the signals of the boys

A key point to be successful with men is to pay attention to the signals that those who are attracted to you send you, if they like you without any effort it will be easier to conquer them. A man who likes you will look for you, be aware of you and try to find a way to be in contact with you. If there is some confidence, he will call you with any excuse to talk to you, he will look for you on social networks and any topic will be the perfect excuse. To be in contact with you.

A man who likes you will have the subtle characteristic of remembering what you have said at some point (even if it is a statement you made last week). The body language expresses much if you know how to interpret it, a man who likes you will try to hold you, touch your arm or seeking some way to have physical contact with you.

If you suspect that a guy is attracted to you, one of the most accurate ways to confirm it is through his looks, if you look at him and discover that he is looking at you and quickly averts his eyes, there is a good chance that he likes you.

Conversation topics

This is where the success or failure of a relationship is decided. You have already had success attracting the attention of a man, he is interested in hearing from you, but you have been left blank, you do not know what to say or what you manage to express are only short phrases loads of nerves making any possibility of success with a man disappear.

This first conversation is vital, so you must take into consideration several points to do it correctly.

Show interest in what they are telling you

Do not try to overwhelm the conversation by telling everything about you without giving him a break to say anything, let him express himself and tell his anecdotes, laugh and add comments to his stories, when it is time to answer his questions make him participate, tell him something about yourself And ask him if something similar has happened to him, keeping him interested and preventing the conversation from being one-sided.

Express your dreams, your tastes and plans for the future

Do not be afraid to openly tell what you want, places you would like to visit and why, if you like to read or if you love animals, tell him about your dreams and projects, show that you are a person with ambition, in this way if they agree on these points you will be taking the first step to forge a bond.

Keep him interested

And if things go well, you can leave some clues in the conversation for a second date, subtly mention a type of food that you like and which restaurant is your favorite, you can mention a pleasant public place, remember that it is not necessary to let the man turns his head thinking of a site, giving him clues is a great strategy to keep his interest.

Dealing with the family

It is a subject that can be a bit sensitive, so it is not advisable to touch it before you are sure of the man”s interest in you. His dealings with his family will reveal a lot about his personality. A man who does not speak to his parents and has not seen a family member for a long time is not the same as a man who likes to spend Sundays with his family, spend time with his brother or take his nephews out for a walk every time can.

If you”re having a good time, say so

At the end of the first meeting, it is quite common for an uncomfortable moment to be generated, for not knowing how to end the conversation and above all because there is always that uncertainty if the other person enjoyed that time together. Do not be afraid to be the first to take that step, and make it clear that you have had a good time, giving him the opportunity to propose a second meeting or ask for your number.

Use the correct tone of voice

Even if you are an outgoing person and have very clear what to talk about, if you use the wrong tone of voice, your entire conquest strategy can collapse. Talking loudly or yelling can be a bit intimidating and, on the other hand, whispering because you”re nervous is also counterproductive.

Speak in a normal way, it does not matter if it is a man you just met and they are exchanging their first words, Speak as if it were an old acquaintance, a normal tone of voice is ideal for this moment, be assertive and determined, without forgetting to smile.

The appropriate dress

To be successful with men there is a general idea that a girl should always dress provocatively, ready for war. But this is not necessarily correct. Just as with women, not all men are looking for just one night of romance, but many are looking for something more. To decide the clothes you will wear, it is important to be clear about what you are looking for because the type of man you are going to try to attract will depend on that.

Sometimes it is better to look mysterious than provocative , someone worth conquering and keeping for a long time, so showing more than necessary can send the wrong message. This is when those fashion advisers we all have out there come into play, friends are the best allies at this point.

By following these simple tips you can greatly increase your success with men, remembering the most important of all this, always be yourself, you will not want anyone to get hooked on you if you are pretending to be you are not.

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