How to be pretty from 40

Good skin care is increasingly important, especially from the age of 40, when the skin is less protected against stress, increased pollution and other external factors, which results in the acceleration of its aging. The manufacturers of facial cosmetics study how to meet the needs of consumers by creating new anti-aging formulas based on the latest dermo-cosmetic advances, combining the most suitable ingredients to combat the signs of skin aging through modular regeneration.

Intensive care in three areas: face, neck and decollete

It is useless to take care of the skin of the face if the neck or neckline betray the age. And is that the signs of aging are more visible in these areas, which are hardly paid attention, because they are more vulnerable areas as the skin is thinner and less protected. The skin of the neck, thin and delicate and prone to sagging, has to fight against the force of gravity the 16 hours we stay awake. If it is not taken care of, especially in mature ages, it is when wrinkles appear in the form of a “necklace”. And the same goes for the neckline, which quickly dehydrates, giving rise to cross wrinkles and blemishes.

Make yourself beautiful by saving

The current economic situation leads women to be more prudent when choosing the products they buy, since price has become a key factor in the purchase decision. For this reason, in many cases it uses a specific cream for the face also for other areas that require more specific and intensive care, since using several creams supposes to considerably increase the expense.

What does mature skin need?

Ideally, mature skin is cared for with a cream that offers a powerful anti-aging action with proven results and at an attractive price. In short, a single cream that works on all three fronts, not only on the face but also on the neck and neckline intensively, managing to regenerate those damaged cells over time.

Nutritional supplements

To prolong the youth of our skin, the best strategy is to provide nutrition from the outside, with anti-aging cosmetics, and from the inside, with nutritional supplements in tablets that contain powerful antioxidant assets.

Hormones your allies

Hormones allied to your weight, such as DHEA, growth hormones, and testosterone, circulate at 40, in less quantity throughout your body. This causes muscle mass to have a certain tendency to decrease if you do not exercise and the metabolism to work at an even slower rate, also with regard to caloric expenditure or cellular renewal of the skin. However, you have something going for you: age has made you more constant and you are able to glimpse the goal of losing weight and fight for it with greater zeal than when you were younger. Similarly, you are now more aware of what you need and what it takes to take care of yourself today to be well tomorrow, and you know your body better and how it responds to certain stimuli.


  • Avoid very restrictive diets: Although it is true that you are more constant, it is also true that sometimes you rush to lose weight. That is why we must remember that, to reduce weight without regaining it and so that your health does not suffer, it is not convenient to lose more than a kilo per week. It is also not convenient to go from one diet to another in a short period of time since you can fall into food imbalances that will be reflected (now more quickly) on your skin.

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