How to be a good waitress

If you want to be a good waitress, we will give you some clues to be a great professional and, in addition, earn tips apart from the salary. He thinks that if a client feels that you have given him a good service, surely he will be more prone to give you a good tip and that in the end, is more motivated to work every day. Here we tell you how to be a good waitress.

Steps to follow:

1. Take care of your appearance when going to work. In most establishments in the world of hospitality, they usually have uniforms for job performance. And if this is not the case, there is usually a dress code that indicates how you should dress and even how you should be combed and made up, among other aspects. To be a good professional you must take care of your image and always be very clean and neat. The uniform must be in perfect condition, you must wear the hair collected, because it gives a very bad impression to wear the hair on the face working in contact with food and drink. And if during the work you get dirty, whenever you have a hole, try to clean yourself before serving another customer.

2. You must know how to communicate with customers. It doesn”t matter if you work in a very high level restaurant or in a fast food franchise. It is important to adapt to the way of speaking of the client, a client of a 5-star hotel is not the same as that of a young man who is going to have a drink in the neighborhood pub. Each person is a world, and you must know how to communicate according to the jargon of the moment. You should speak clearly, in a high tone, and you should never chew gum while working. And something you should never forget is to always be very polite and respectful to everyone.

3. You must have knowledge of the place where you work, nobody is born knowing, but it is essential to know what type of place you work in and know your letter well. Think that the clientele can ask you anything related to the menu, know about the composition and even the preparation of the food. The better you are able to answer all kinds of questions, the better service you will give to customers. It is recommended that you know the menu firsthand, and even try the dishes or drinks to be able to recommend. It is also interesting to be informed of food allergy issues to give complete advice. In this way, you will give exceptional service to any client you deal with.

4. You must maintain a good attitude during work. Being patient and accepting mistakes are two very desirable characteristics to perform your job well. If you are wrong, try to find quick solutions and do not make excuses, a good apology in this regard is always appreciated. You should know how to show your face when the cook or another employee has made a mistake, you are the intermediary person and it is important to know how to manage crises with temperance and good humor. You should always try to be kind and not get defensive, remember that the customer is always right.

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