How to be a good secretary

If you want to be a great professional of the secretariat, we invite you to continue reading this postBeing a good secretary implies certain skills that are necessary to efficiently develop these types of positions. You must be focused, very organized and have good skills for written expression and oral communication. If you want to be a secretary or just improve in your position, we tell you how to be a good secretary.

Steps to follow:

1. You must always be punctual in your work, arrive at your time or even a few minutes before so that at the time you are working. You will show that you are responsible, that you care about your work and that you are totally involved. If you are late, you will be giving a very bad impression and harming your boss.

Apart from punctuality, you should always be prepared to answer all kinds of questions. A good secretary is very informed and up to date with everything that has to do with her position. You should even have planned possible unexpected questions and their answers. You should be aware of the objectives and direction of the company, because you may even have to write speeches and letters from your boss.

2. You must know your boss”s schedule perfectly. That is, we recommend that you keep an exhaustive control of your agenda so you never forget any meeting, meeting or meeting. If you have it under control, you can notify him well in advance so he is always ready. Also to be a good secretary you must be prepared to answer all kinds of calls. Have a standard greeting ready to give a general and very cordial welcome to anyone who calls your boss. You should be able to have a good conversation with any contact of your boss and always maintain a formal level throughout the talk without revealing any information for which you are not authorized.

3. To be an excellent secretary you must always be willing to help and always maintain education and manners. When you talk on the phone or in person, you should be very polite and organized. When you receive calls or visits, take note of the caller and their contact information. As soon as you see your boss, you should pass the call notices quickly and diligently. He thinks that these steps are important and sometimes among those calls there may be new clients. Being fast and efficient in all types of procedures you will earn points for your boss.

4. You must take care of your image taking into account your type of work. Dressed up, formal and elegant. Do not make up too much, you should go natural but classy. The image is important, think that you are the representative of your boss, and it is a way of valuing your work and giving importance to the position.

5. You must be very organized, keep your workspace in order, have everything archived and have an electronic agenda where you control the work routine well. Show good initiative before your boss, in this way he will know that he can count on you beyond what is strictly necessary. And first of all never say that something is not possible, with that attitude you will demonstrate a negative attitude that is not desirable at all. Your boss should feel that every goal is attainable.

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