How to avoid wrinkles from a young age

The passage of time is noticeable in any type of skin, from the youngest to the oldest. However, preventing wrinkles from reaching our faces in a hurry, despite the passing of the years, and keeping the face healthy and young is possible. If you”re wondering how to avoid wrinkles from a young age, pay attention to this article. In it you will find the keys to rejuvenate your skin and make your face look splendid no matter how old you are.

Steps to follow:

1.Care your skin

It is important that you pamper and take care of your skin every day. You must clean it night and day and apply moisturizing and exfoliating creams, so you can make your face gain in luminosity, cleanliness, beauty and youth. Also, keeping your skin well hydrated will help slow aging. It is recommended that the peel be performed a few times a week.

2.Use homemade masks

To further care for your face and defy the passage of time, you can resort to the use of natural masks. Apply them a few times a week and you will help prevent wrinkles.


To maintain a fresh and young skin and body, it is essential to drink plenty of water to hydrate. The most effective is to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water, or two liters, during the day. You can also bet on green tea, as its properties will help you stay in line and hydrate well.

4.Avoid excess sun

There is no doubt that exposing yourself too much to the sun”s rays is harmful to your skin. This encourages wrinkles to appear quickly and the aging process to accelerate. However, you don”t have to give up being brunette. Try to sunbathe before 11 in the morning and stop doing it during the strongest hours (from 12 to 17 hours). You can resume the tanning process from 5 in the afternoon.

5.A healthy mind in a healthy body

Following a healthy and balanced diet is another basic key to staying healthy and young. Try to integrate fruits, cereals and vegetables into your meals since, being antioxidants, they will help the cells to revitalize. Other essential elements to maintain a good diet is to incorporate foods with vitamins C, E or Omega-3. Remember: taking care of yourself inside will help prevent aging on the outside.

6.Practice frequently

Exercising is a mainstay to stay healthy. In addition to avoiding serious health problems, together with a healthy diet you will make your skin more elastic and younger.

7.Avoid bad habits

Smoking or alcoholic beverages do not help the skin look healthy and young. Think that tobacco makes our cells age faster, as it decreases the amount of oxygen and the circulation of blood in our skin.

8.Vital rest

Sleeping well, decreasing the state of being and being rested and rested are essential aspects to stay beautiful. Rest is synonymous with renewal. Therefore, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day will help your face to be rested and look younger.


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