How to avoid sagging breasts

None of us can escape gravity, and it is clear that over time our breasts, which have their own weight, will lose their firmness. However, this does not mean that we have to show off a completely sagging or unattractive chest, and there are many options to guarantee the firmness of this area, enhance its adequate flexibility and make our chest look lifted for longer.

If you wonder how to avoid sagging breasts, keep reading, because here we give you the best tips to achieve it.

Habits that cause sagging breasts

Before addressing those measures that we can carry out to avoid sagging breasts, it is important to take into account the conditions that cause breast flaccidity. The loss of collagen and elastin from the skin means that, over the years and especially after 40, our skin begins to lose its natural firmness, a process that of course also affects the breasts. This, coupled with the gravity caused by the weight of the breasts, will cause them to fall over time. We must also take into account hereditary factors, and that is that some women have skin that is more prone to prematurely losing elasticity, which will lead to an early sagging of the breasts.

Apart from these factors that we cannot modify, there are other causes of sagging breasts that we can improve, for example:

  • The sudden changes in weight, fat and slimming frequently or violent causes you to lose both fat and firmness, which can cause a significant drop in the chest. Taking into account that our chest is made up of fatty tissue, if it is reduced quickly, it is normal for the skin in the area to lose its firmness.
  • Use an inappropriate bra that does not provide firmness and adequate support. It is convenient to know how to choose the right size and opt for quality models.
  • Not keeping your back straight and having a bad posture can trigger the flaccidity of the chest, making the sagging of the breasts much more accentuated, that is why it is important to maintain proper posture when walking and also while sitting.
  • Habits such as smoking, sunbathing or eating an inappropriate diet also have a direct impact on the skin, causing it to lose sagging and the breasts to sag prematurely.

Stages such as pregnancy, in which the breasts greatly increase their size and then reduce with childbirth or when they stop breastfeeding, they also produce a slight sagging of the breasts, however with proper care and exercises it can go unnoticed.

Practice exercise to avoid sagging breasts

If you wonder how to avoid sagging breasts, the first thing you should know is that exercise is essential. Toning the pectoral muscle will help to ensure the firmness of the breasts and prevent a premature fall, while exercising in a general way will help to maintain the tone of your body and guarantee a much healthier figure.

Swimming is a great alternative to work arms, chest and back in a comprehensive way, however if you want to focus on the chest area specifically push-ups and exercises with weights are your best allies. Where to begin? In our article exercise for pectorals without going to the gym we explain in detail the best alternatives.

Choose the right bra

It seems simple, but it is not! Most women have problems when choosing a bra because they usually choose a size that is not appropriate. Wearing a bra that is too tight can not only cause breast aches, pains, and marks, but can also affect skin health and lead to sagging. On the other hand, a model that is too large will not provide the necessary support, allowing the breasts to move too much, which can cause gravity to act much faster in the area.

Always maintain good posture

Being always with your back bent only makes your breasts constantly lean forward, causing them to sag, which compromises the flexibility of the skin and results in them falling prematurely. When walking you should keep your back straight and your chest out, when you are sitting it is convenient to also keep your back straight and glued to the back of the chair.

Hydrate your breasts properly

The breasts are covered with very sensitive skin that is essential to keep hydrated. Applying a moisturizer that contains vitamins or nutrients such as vitamin E or urea is essential to make the dermis soft, but also to avoid the formation of stretch marks that occurs especially when we gain and lose weight.

Eat a balanced diet

As we have already explained previously, abrupt weight gain and loss is one of the main causes of sagging breasts, therefore it is essential to eat a balanced diet that allows you to maintain an adequate weight, without sudden changes.

Also incorporate foods rich in collagen or that favor its production such as gelatin, fruits rich in vitamin C such as strawberry, kiwi or orange, ingredients rich in omega 3 such as oily fish, as well as soy products and antioxidants, it will help stimulate the elasticity of the skin and improve its firmness.

Use sunscreen in this area

The sun causes great damage to our skin, being responsible for premature aging of the dermis, especially in areas as sensitive as the face or chest skin. Sunbathing without protecting this area can cause premature wrinkles, burns in the dermis that age the area, as well as loss of firmness, so it is recommended to use a sun protection cream with at least 30 SPF to avoid damage to your breasts.

Apply cold to the area

Although heat is ideal to relax our muscles and free us from tension, if what you are looking for is firm skin then cold is your best ally. That is why it is always recommended to finish the shower with a cold-water blast on both the chest and legs in order to improve circulation and guarantee greater toning.

The bravest may also choose to apply an ice pack to the area, duly protected with cloth or ice cubes, also wrapped in a soft cloth. Place them on the breasts making circular movements, let the cold act for at least 1 minute on each breast, repeating daily for a good effect.

Remedies for sagging breasts

All these recommendations are ideal to avoid sagging breasts, however if you feel that their firmness has already been compromised then it is time to take action on the matter. In our article, remedies for sagging breasts, we give you some good recommendations to help improve your appearance and combat sagging.

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