How to avoid bad eating habits

It is entirely true that the type of diet we eat has a great influence, both positive and negative, on our health throughout our lives. It has been shown in many studies that certain eating habits can pose a risk to our health and by changing them we can avoid or reduce the appearance of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, heart and circulatory diseases, hypertension, etc.

Steps to follow:

1. The high consumption of salt and salty foods increases the risk of having high blood pressure and consequently the negative impact on our health.

2. Avoid fried foods; we can use the iron, the grill, the steam or the oven. Cooking well means eating well. One of the worst eating habits we have is cooking by frying.

3. The high consumption of sweets, sugar, and sugary drinks can cause diabetes and overweight. Sweets have to be understood as a product of sporadic consumption, linked to special dates or moments. Incorporating sweets into our diet is undoubtedly a bad eating habit that we must avoid.

4. Avoid snacking between meals; they are also usually very caloric foods. Maintaining a strict diet and eating 5 times a day without snacking between meals help we avoid bad eating habits that cause imbalances in our body.

5. Skipping meals, for example not having breakfast is totally inadvisable, since at the next meal you will be twice as hungry, which causes us to eat faster and more quantity or we will end up chopping the food.

6. Exercising, sedentary lifestyle favors weight and bone problems. A sedentary lifestyle should be avoided if possible as it favors weight and bone problems.

7. Do not eat too many foods that we consider “light” – It is true that this type of food has a lower percentage of calories than normal, but this does not mean that they are not fattening. The logical thing is to consume “light” products to the same extent as we would if they were not light. It is also important that the diet is balanced and that we provide our body with all the nutrients it needs.

8. Cook more often at home. Eating at restaurants too often can make you gain weight and eat foods high in fat. Many restaurants serve larger portions than you would at home. Reserve meals at restaurants for special occasions or make them a weekly event.

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