How to ask indirect questions of a woman – the best tips

Asking questions when we are interested in someone and above all we do not know him much is sometimes complicated because we do not know very well how to ask them. And especially when there may be issues that bother or that that person does not want to talk openly as they are sensitive issues or their most intimate life.

These are situations in which, however, it is not possible to know more about that person. You just have to put the direct questions aside to use other types of strategies with which to obtain information. Often, for example, you look at a girl that you liked and you want to get to know her better and you are not very clear on how to do it; it is at this time that hints can be very useful. Here we tell you how to ask indirect questions of a woman so that you can find out more about her, get closer and, who knows, whether to start a relationship.

Asking indirect questions of a woman about her marital status

When asking an indirect question to a woman , the first thing to be clear about is what you want to know because it is not the same to ask about her age, than about her marital status, etc. In this section, we are going to focus on sentimental or love relationships.

One of the easiest ways to know if you have a partner or are in a romantic relationship, is to first talk about yourself and your marital status. In this way, you can get to know his because it will be easier for the woman to open up and tell you his own personal experience after knowing yours. The key is that with this system she feels that there is more trust between the two, in addition to talking to each other while having an informal conversation.

This same strategy can be followed to find out if she is divorced, maintains a good relationship with previous partners or if she has children, among other issues. In addition, it is also useful for me to tell you if you live alone or share a flat. These are data that, surely, if you ask them directly, they will not tell you, but it will be easier for them to tell you if they appear in a daily conversation because you have entered them naturally.

Indirect questions to know if a woman likes you

When you want to conquer a woman and it is not known whether or not she may be interested in having a romantic relationship with you, it is also recommended that you choose to ask indirect questions to this woman. This is convenient for you to do before looking to go out with her and at the beginning of the friendly relationship, in order to know more about her person and the type of contact she wants to maintain.

For example, to set a date, one of the easiest ways is to say that you”ve heard of a movie at the theater, but can”t find someone to go with. That way she can say if she feels like it and if she really wants to meet you or not. In the event that you don”t like the cinema, you can propose other activities such as concerts, theaters, new restaurants or any other type of event.

To take a further step in the relationship after the first dates and show that you are serious, it is good that you start talking subtly about how you see yourself in the future from a sentimental point of view and the type of partner you would like to have. In this way, you continue to make it easier for her to keep talking to see if she wants the same thing as you.

However, if you are really interested in this woman, do not be too blunt in future plans and have everything already thought out and programmed because you can dissuade her. I mean, never say phrases like “I want to get married in church” or “I want to have five children.” Do not forget that the plans have to be more open, with the idea that they can become both.

In the questions in which you have to avoid hints and be very clear are all those related to whether you want to go out with you, marry you, have children together or similar.

How to ask indirect questions of a woman about complicated topics

You can also ask a woman questions about topics that are not usually discussed. Among them, for example, is age. To find out, there are phrases such as “You are very young and you do not remember” an old television program or movie, among other options. In this case, she will say yes or no she remembers and whether or not she was small when she saw them. This can guide you as to her age, if she doesn”t say it directly.

The possibility of having children is another of the complicated issues to address because she may be sterile, have had abortions, have problems conceiving or simply do not want to be a mother or this is an issue that makes her uncomfortable. Here, you have to be very subtle and speak in the first person saying “I would have liked to have children” or “I have two children” depending on each case. This is how this topic is introduced so that she can speak out about it. If more information is needed on this topic or on others discussed, it will be necessary to continue insisting on the topic of conversation, but in a natural way.

Other uncomfortable questions are those related to money because it is considered a very personal matter. If you have a high purchasing power you should not flaunt it, as well as if our situation is the opposite, you should not comment directly, because if you still do not know each other much, you may think that you are looking for me to lend you money. However, you can make comments about whether a product seems expensive or cheap to see what she thinks about it and to know if she buys it or not. This can give us an idea of ​​your financial situation and, for example, what type of plans you could agree to do together due to the budget, among other aspects.


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