How to apply emotional intelligence at work

The success at work not only relates to the technical skills of the employee. It is also necessary to have other aspects such as broad emotional intelligence. Thanks to this, we can perceive, evaluate and manage our own emotions and those of others, something necessary to make our work environment harmonious. In the following article we show you how to apply emotional intelligence at work.

Steps to follow:

1.Although it is often said that at work we must put aside emotions, the truth is that it is not correct. If we put these emotions aside, we will never understand our moods. If we are sad or angry, we will transmit an image incomprehensible to the rest, who will not know at any time what happens to us. For this reason, emotional intelligence at work is essential.

2.Likewise, if we do not apply emotional intelligence to third parties, we will never know that certain behaviors are due, even taking some unfortunate answers as something personal that could be perfectly explained.

3.For this, it is essential to have good communication with everyone. By communicating, we will discover everything we need to put our emotional intelligence to work.

4.There are several tools within emotional intelligence that will help us manage this whole world of feelings. For example, it is important to externalize. For this, it is essential to convey clearly that it happens to us, we think, want or feel. This way the partners will understand us.

5.Dynamic attention is also important. It is not about listening without more, the other person should know that we are interested in what he says.

6.Instead of arguing without further ado, we must put assertiveness into practice. Assertiveness defends communication behavior in which we will never be aggressive or passive. We will give our point of view at the same time that we will put ourselves in the place of the other person. Thus, our criticisms will be accepted much better.

7.The empathy is important. We must be emphatic with our partners, so we will be able to see their perspectives and get more information about their feelings.

8.Thanks to these tools we can manage our feelings and guide the emotions of others. Thus, conflicts can be resolved more effectively.

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