How Pilates helps in diseases

Pilates is a method where you essentially work through breathing, concentration and awareness, it is very beneficial to overcome the effects of stress, since concentration guided through movement and breathing automatically reduces anxiety levels. In fact it has been found that it is very useful to amortize the effects of treatments that are applied against cancer. The cancer patient suffers different side effects such as fatigue, insomnia, decreased muscle mass and cardiorespiratory capacity, nausea, generalized pain or psychological effects such as anxiety disorders, memory loss and concentration, among others. It is important to help patients obtain resources to counteract all these effects with adapted body work, which can be very good support to boost their improvement.

Steps to follow:

1. Pilates proposes very controlled exercises that adapt to the physical condition of each person and that are based on a conscious execution, where the concentration is a pillar.

2. Practicing Pilates favors learning mental habits such as attention and relaxation, which help us better cope with stressful situations.

3. Thanks to Pilates, patients recover lost body functionality within a safety framework, since both the devices and the coach give great assistance during the movements.

4. In the case of breast cancer it helps improve the mechanics of the back, which is often affected.

5. The movements that are executed are adjusted to the most appropriate intensity for each person and, therefore, help to regulate the quality of sleep and the deepest rest.

6. Pilates also improves the quality of life of cancer patients. Restores the articular ranges of movement, the strength of the stabilizing muscles and resistance, recovers postural alignment, improves fatigue, helps restore respiratory function, increases vitality and, above all, enhances self-confidence.


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