How much the head weighs

The human body is full of interesting data, and it is that it is a complex clockwork system that seeks to work perfectly so that we can carry out all our daily activities without problems. For example, did you know that when we are born, our head makes up a quarter of our body? As we grow, this changes, but this area continues to have enormous importance, housing the most complex organ of the body: the brain. If you”ve ever wondered how much your head weighs, in this article we answer it.

What is the weight of our head?

Attention, because it is very likely that the figure will surprise you. The average weight of the head of an adult is 8 kilos, much more than most imagine. You should not forget that the head houses a large and important organ, the brain, whose approximate weight is 1.5 kilos, in addition, the weight of the skull structure must be taken into account and also that of all the muscles and skin that make up our head.

Mothers are right

Remember when your mother told you to walk upright? The habit of slouching when walking or sitting not only makes our posture inadequate and therefore unsightly, but it can also cause significant problems in our cervical, all thanks to the 8 kilos that our head weighs.

Think for a moment that if you constantly keep your head down you are forcing your cervical to bear all that weight on a daily basis, which will eventually affect their health.

And what is the heaviest organ in the body?

With everything that we have explained above, it would be normal to think that the brain is the heaviest organ in the body, finally it is one of the largest. But this is not the truth, the heaviest organ in our body is the skin, which covers us from head to toe and is also the largest organ.

On average, a person who weighs 70 kilos can count on 11 kilos of skin alone, and of course the more kilos on the scale the heavier the skin will be. Interesting, right?


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