How many calories do I burn playing tennis?

Playing sports is essential to maintaining a healthy life and it is also a great way to have fun or even meet new people. For this reason, it is important to choose the sport that we like the most and that encourages us to practice it, but it also does not hurt to know what energy waste this activity entails. And that is why here we want to explain in detail how many calories you burn playing tennis.

Factors involved

First of all, it is important that you know what factors are important when calculating the calories, you burn when playing tennis. In this way, the number will vary depending on:

  • Duration of the match or time you play
  • Intensity
  • Sex and current weight

Playing tennis as a fan

Obviously, it will not be the same to play tennis as a beginner than to do it at an expert level, since the latter will always use more energy and therefore their caloric loss will be greater. In this way, if you are starting in the world of tennis or just practice it as a hobby, you should apply the following formula to know the calories you will burn:

  • Calories burned approx. = 0.032 x (weight x 2.2) X total minutes of practice

Play tennis as an expert (singles)

In the case of people with a certain level of tennis practice, the formula will vary and when you play simple, you must calculate it based on:

  • Calories burned approx. = 0.071 x (weight x 2.2) X total minutes of practice

Play tennis as an expert (doubles)

If you are playing a doubles competition, you will also need to change the way you calculate calories burned in tennis. The result will be less than playing as singles, since the physical effort is shared between both members of the team:

  • Calories burned approx. = 0.049 x (weight x 2.2) X total minutes of practice

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