How children can overcome frustration

Yes, it is hard to see them suffer. I know. The children believe that anything is possible. And suddenly one day, they see that it is not true. That you don”t always win. That they can”t have it all now, now. And suddenly they run into a new, devastating feeling: frustration. And when frustration arrives, they feel cheated, sunk. Unable to understand what happens. And the cry comes, the rage.  What can we parents do?

How to handle frustration in children

Surely someone has ever happened to you, just like me, that suddenly you are tempted to let them win in a game, thinking that maybe they suffer less. And yet we get the opposite effect. Because by avoiding the feeling of frustration, we leave them naked before the future.

And it is that frustration is not bad. On the contrary, because it helps the child to realize that nothing happens for not reaching the first change all the goals. The world does not end. You can try again. One, two, three times. Those that are needed.

Frustration teaches. Teach to overcome. To strive harder for what one wants. ”What were you last in the race? I know how you feel. But don”t worry, because in the next one, or in the next one of the next one, you won”t be the last one.

And how do I help you? Motivating you! Increasing your self-esteem. ”That you don”t get the pine like your friends? Come on, let”s practice. I”m sure you”ll achieve it. You can do it”.

And I have always thought that positive reinforcement is the best teacher. The worst thing you can do in that moment of frustration is to scold him, that he feels misunderstood and even humiliated. Never let him bow his head and feel sunk.

We cannot avoid frustration. It is something inherent to the human being. And parents who try to avoid it, condemn their child without knowing it to unhappiness. What about that child they never say ”no”? Who never set standards? Who do not draw impassable limits? To those who make everything easy and avoid challenges. Have you noticed these children? I look at them sadly, because I see in them an unhappy and violent adult. Because when he grows up, he won”t know how to defend himself from frustration.

How children can overcome failures

So I apply, as a mother, these tips:

  1. Let your child stumble and get up alone.
  2. Try again.
  3. That the child helps you to put the dishes even if some are broken.
  4. Invent, dream. That he manages to fulfill some of his dreams and fails in others. Leave him.

The goal is well worth it. Don”t you think?

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